December 4, 2022

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Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria | Privileged life of former Medellin cartel boss at La Catral, a luxury prison frequented by beauty queens | Colombia | Description | EC Stories | Nnda nnrt | the world

“I prefer a grave in Colombia to a cell in America”, It is customary to say , former leader of the Medellin Cartel. And his wish came true. The most feared drug trafficker of all time built his own prison, called La Catral, where he led a privileged life, receiving visits from beauty queens, from where he ran his criminal activities.

The cathedral is not just a prison. Built by Escobar himself, the prison had soccer fields, a bar, billiards rooms, a gymnasium, games and grill area and, above all, Revelry prevailed. His room had the same luxuries as the most expensive hotel in Colombia at the time.

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According to , the Medellin cartel leader’s room had a fireplace and a refrigerator stocked with food and drinks. There were candles in different colors and scents. His mattress was covered with top-of-the-line blankets and blankets.

What is most curious about it is that his “cell”—as it may be called—is not made of bars or wet cement. The decoration was in charge of his wife Victoria Eugenia HenauThe particular portal mentioned, who put the romantic touch.

Various athletes, including former soccer player Rene Higuda, and Five beauty queens They visited La Catedral, located in the city of Evicato, Antioquia, and it was difficult to get there. His “prison sentence” took place on June 19, 1991.

Although Colombians thought peace had returned when they saw him imprisoned in a maximum security prison for defrauding President Cesar Gaviria, the reality is that the Medellín cartel leader continued his criminal activities.

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He didn’t give up on himself

Pablo Escobar, who arrived by helicopter to the cathedral, went to the prison with his confidants: Otoniel Gonzalez (Otto), Carlos Aguilar (Mugray), John Jairo Velasquez (Popeye), Valentin de J. Taborda, Roberto Escobar (Ocito), Gustavo Gonzalez (Davao), Jorge Eduardo Avendano (Dado) and Johnny Rivera (El Palomo), Jose Fernando Ospina (El Mago), John Jairo Betancur (Icoper), Carlos Díaz (La Garra) and Alfonso Leon Burlito (El Angel), according to Infobae.

His wife found out

Victoria Eugenia often visited the cathedral and during one of her visits she found love letters from other women from different countries that she had written to her husband. They sent her nude photos, romantic messages and flings in exchange for money or property.

“My astonishment was greater when I read scandalous letters from women who remembered in all sorts of details their recent close encounters with him and invited them to repeat them as many times as they wanted; others wrote flowery texts in which they dreamed of another night in the cathedral. It was scary. I waited for him, and for lack of respect. , I remember making a scene scolding him for not recognizing my commitment and sacrifice to always be with him. Henao revealed himself in the book “My Life and My Jail with Pablo Escobar”.

Say goodbye to luxuries and hide again

On July 22, 1992, after spending a year in his own prison, Pablo Escobar escaped from the cathedral. The former leader of the Medellin cartel escaped with 14 of his men and became the most wanted man in all of Colombia again. He said goodbye to the arrival of beauty queens and revelry in said prison.

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