May 30, 2023

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PAHO: Shoe disinfection is not a way to prevent the COVID-19 protocol still in use in Peru | மின்சா | nndc | Peru

Ciro Ugarde, director of health emergencies at the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), on Wednesday confirmed health practices in place to prevent an outbreak in Peru. , Like disinfecting shoes, “Covit-19 is not a way to prevent.”

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It is especially important to disinfect surfaces that can be touched by many; However, the exchange has been shown to be primarily person-to-person, and other types of transactions are much less risky, i.e. touching the surface and placing hands on the face, mouth or nose is an important route for transmission, but Disinfecting shoes is not a way to prevent COVID-19Ugarde responded during the agency’s weekly conference.

The Health Commission recalls that the PAHO has already explained that the corona virus is transmitted from person to person and that it occurs when there is close contact between those who are not adequately protected, or who have respiratory symptoms and do not adhere to respiratory hygiene. Cover themselves with cough (inside the elbow or with a piece of paper).

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The immunization process is still underway, and since Monday, October 11, vaccinations against the corona virus have been launched for young people aged 18 to 20 in metropolitan Lima and Callo, as well as in other parts of the country. Find out all the details in the following video.

Another important aspect of preventing infection is stress, “he said.Finding that people should be vaccinated to reduce the risk of dying and to reduce the spread of the disease in general.”.

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Ugarde stressed that airborne contaminants are transmitted through small droplets that are expelled when a person speaks or sneezes, or in hospitals or other well-ventilated areas such as restaurants and other environments. For a long time.

That is where the danger lies“, He commented.”The risk of contact with shoes or other surfaces that do not come into direct contact with the hands is very low”.

What measurements are most important?

A PAHO spokesman said the measures taken to prevent the spread of Govt-19 were “extremely effective”: Use of mask, disinfection of hands and body space.

In some situations, such as hospitals, when aerosols form, health workers must be adequately protected because the risk in these conditions increases.

PAHO on health protocols against Govt-19 in Peru.  (Video: OPS)
César Ugarte of PAHO talks about health policies against COVID-19 in Peru. (Video: OPS)

Minza still recommends disinfecting the shoes

Although the virus is spread through coughing, talking or sneezing, the Ministry of Health explains in its health protocol manual that the particles expelled through the respiratory tract fall to the ground or any surface. For this reason, they suggest that people, for example, leave their shoes on the doorstep when coming home.

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He also advises making a bucket of water with bleach or alcohol to clean the soles and even the soles of the shoes when the dogs return home.

“Disinfect your shoes with bleach or put them on the doorstep before wearing them again”,

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