May 30, 2023

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Panama Papers: Raphael Lopez will resolve the claim to defend the rights demanded

This Tuesday, July 13, the popular renewal hearing was held regarding the protection of the rights demanded by the former presidential candidate and the businessman. Rafael Lopez aliyaka, Within the framework of the case Panama Papers.

Court expert at the third preparatory investigation of corruption crimes, to solve the petition, Public Ministry did not allow experts to carry out observations on the report by the party’s lawyer pointed out that Lopez.

Likewise, the three technical reports already munvaikkappattiruntalum, experts pointed out that we were not informed. “On the one hand, the experts agree on the one hand, on the other hand, does not allow them to act,” the defense lawyer said the former presidential candidate.

In the meantime, they asked the judge in charge, George Chavez Tamaris, All cancellation must be performed by professionals, and they have to submit the information.

The judge asked the prosecutor’s office to send him Raphael Lopez Aliaga Reading folders and documents. Similarly, the minutes of the party experts, contact sessions. To do this, they have 24 to 48 hours to ship.

Lopez is being investigated in connection with money laundering aliyaka

As announced, entrepreneurs Raphael Lopez Aliaga Is being investigated Papers in the framework of the case of Panama, accused of money laundering to the misdemeanor warrant.

Lopez acre Offshore Investment Limited, in Panama International, the British Virgin Islands investment and the Baga Acres Investments Ltd. in Nevada in the United States are in contact with.

Former presidential candidate thesis assumes that the tax will be These marine companies were used to “channel assets of dubious origin” in addition to paying taxes “for foreign source income”..

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