October 7, 2022

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Pandora Documents | Chile: Opposition parties agree to file constitutional charges against Sebastian Pinera after press discovery | The world

Representatives Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections on Tuesday , Attached according to the expressions , Sold by Dominga Mining Company by his sons’ company.

Identity: Pandora Papers in Chile: How does the revelation affect President Sebastian Pinera?

“All opposition benches have agreed to launch a constitutional indictment against President Sebastian Pinera,” Socialist Party deputy Jaime Naranzo told reporters in Congress.

The Constitution indictment seeks to establish the responsibility of senior public officials, and if successful, would lead to the removal of Pinara, who has six weeks to run in the first round of the presidential election.

The Chilean media Lapot and CIPER have been at the center of controversy since Pinara, part of the International Federation of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) Pandora Papers, merged him for sale in 2010 through a company of the mining company Dominga. Owned by his children, businessman Carlos Delano – a close friend of the president – for $ 152 million, the bulk of the operation was carried out in the British Virgin Islands.

Similarly, a controversial clause was added to the last payment to the business condition that “the environmental protection area should not be established on the activities of the mining company, as stated by the environmental groups.” In the image of the President of Chile.

“The motives and grounds for this accusation are based on a violation of pro-policy [que obliga a los funcionarios públicos tener un desempeño honesto y leal] And for actively compromising the honor of the country, ”Naranjo added.

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Pinera has denied any charges and conflicts of interest after confirming that all of his assets have been placed under a blind trust since his first president (2010-2014), and after a judicial inquiry into the events of 2017 he dismissed any charges.

The House of Representatives must file a constitutional charge next week and vote in the House of Representatives before the first round of the presidential election takes place on November 21.

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