June 3, 2023

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Pandora Papers: Pedro Pablo Kuczynski | Politics

This is only the beginning.

Czech Prime Minister Andrzej Bobbis Underestimated Unveiling of Pandora’s documents on Sunday, October 3rd, Which took place a few days before the parliamentary election, confirmed the continuation of his government. Bobbis replied that he would win, which was a campaign to discredit him. But he lost the election Expression of the International Federation of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), and its Czech partners Investigation. Cz.

The Pandora Papers Bobbies secretly bought 16 properties from the British Virgin Islands and Monaco for $ 22 million, including a luxury castle on the French Riviera. The discovery not only had a major impact on voters who voted in favor of the Bobby Opposition. It encouraged officials to investigate the Czech president’s investment in tax havens on suspicion of money laundering.

The Andrzej Babies case appears on the account ICIJ The profound impact of the release of Pandora’s documents around the world. Bobbies It is not only affected as presidents, heads of state and politicians manifest themselves in activities and pensions., Linked to financial activities through the use of coastal and tax havens, the shadow industry is the neck and tie of criminal organizations and corruption, government or private.

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Magnet. Due to corruption, Prime Minister Andrzej Babis’ party lost the election. Photo: Broadcast

Now ICIJ and its partners on five continents are preparing to launch a new series of lawsuits discovered in that gold mine called the Pandora Papers. There will also be episodes with Peruvian actors, according to sources related to ICIJ. The dimension of global research is unprecedented. Violates long Panama PapersFor example, carried out by ICIJ and its allies.

“After the Panama Papers investigation came to light five years ago, some business interests tried to underestimate the case. Law firm Mosaic Fonseka This is a bad apple from the garden of honest professionals who facilitate business globalization and help companies pay reasonable (and minimal) taxes. But recent revelations show that this is not the case. Pandora Papers shows the true heart of offshore financial industry. (…) Also, these professional facilitators often show that they are bad apples and that they are centrally rotten, “explained Drew Sullivan, one of the founders of the Organized Crime and Corruption Report (OCCRP), which was part of Pandora’s roles.

Impact on Peru

In these ways, the next installment will come out The dark kingdom of the shore And tax havens, new cases include information about companies and individuals who were already suspected or predecessors. Documentary evidence instructing authorities to intervene will only be issued now.

The Pandora Papers is a real gold mine for investigative reporters. It contains 12 million files from at least 14 companies They offer their skills in dealing at sea. To be sure, only part of it has been released, and the release retains a significant effect.

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That’s how it is. A week after the Pandora press revealed that active and retired heads of state and political leaders sought the shadow system to protect money and property, a global inquiry into the coastal underground world sparked a series of actions against those responsible.

Last Sunday, the Ecuadorian Congress approved the trial To President Guillermo Lasso to determine whether he complied with the laws when he was associated with 14 foreign companies, A large area set up in Panama, according to ICIJ research, in Guayaquil, in association with the Ecuadorian newspaper El Universo.

Despite that Lasso He said that Prior to running for state president, he resigned from foreign companies, Empowered the majority of parliamentarians to inquire whether the president and Ecuador would prohibit candidates and public officials from keeping resources or property in tax havens if they violated the law.

Wave of Pandora’s papers unleashed on Sunday, October 3rd This includes Chilean President Sebastian Pinara. In anticipation of Congress preparing to organize constitutional flaws, The Ministry of Public Works has launched an investigation into Pinara For his involvement in the sale of the Minora Dominga.

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The underworld revealed

The president was tried in the case and dismissed in 2017. However, ICIJ’s partners in Chile, the Press Intelligence Center (Ciper) and the Lapot Portal found that officials were unaware of the two participants. Foreign companies in controversial acquisitions. Pinera says everything is already known, but Pandora’s documents do not seem to be this way, so the public ministry decided to open the case.

“In contrast to President Pinara’s environmental protection tax, The document revealing the Pandora documents – the contract for the sale of Minora Dominga was signed on December 10, 2010 in the British Virgin Islands – is not known to the judge who ordered the dismissal of Sebastian Pinera in 2017. It was never in the trial folder of the lawyer who took up the case, “Cyber ​​and Labot reporters concluded.

In the case Former President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski says Pandora’s documents show he created the Coast Guard Torado Property Management, In the British Virgin Islands, he served as head of economics and finance for the government of Alejandro Toledo. Although Kuczynski’s side argues that the case has already been prosecuted, attorney Jose Domingo Perez He respected the information and said it justifies the former president’s new investigation.

Konwoka, a press investigation site, has teamed up with ICIJ to triangulate money with its company, Westfield Capital, to carry out acquisitions, such as the Toronto Asset Management, a coastal company in Kucinsky, and a residence on Sokuhuanga Street in San Isitro. The purpose is to avoid tracing the origin of the funds for the business transaction.

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Precisely Westfield Capital, which is managed by Kuczynski’s Chilean ally, Gerardo CebulvedaUsed to advise Brazilian construction company Odebrecht on investments in public millionaires. The hypothesis of the prosecutor’s office is that when Kuczynski was engaged in a public ceremony, he rendered his services to Odebrecht through a third party, Who will be the Sebalveda.

ICIJ investigation with Convoka also uncovers suspicious activities of the first capital company with the Savista businessman Carlos Marcelino Bellosta. The first capital is managed by Cebalveda and Kuczynski denied the relationship, but to the lawyer Jose Domingo Perez It is necessary to check whether the former Chief Minister has benefited in any way from the first capital.

Director of ICIJ, Gerard Rail, Has warned of what has been released This was the beginning of the Pandora Papers’ inventions. And there will be many more things: “Our report revealing the financial secrets of hundreds of politicians and criminals, millionaires and celebrities has already caused a stir: public officials in a dozen countries are calling for an official investigation into the revelations of Pandora’s documents.

Follow up. Lawyer Jose Domingo Perez will follow in Pandora’s footsteps in the PPK. Photo: Broadcast


12 million files leaked to ICIJ offshore.

There are 14 listed companies involved in providing maritime services.

3.3 million documents came from the Trishul Foundation study.

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Marine secrets over 2.94 terabytes

Pandora’s documents are about four people around President Vladimir Putin: Sergei Semasov, Putin’s colleague at the now-defunct KGB spy agency; His childhood friend Peter Golpin; His son-in-law Roman Putin; And Svetlana Kryvonokic.

Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Russian president, announced that there was no official inquiry into the allegations.

If there is any release, it will be based on some evidence, We will study it “, Peskov declared:” We have not seen it yet.

However, the international press insists that what appears in Pandora’s documents is not just Russian citizens, but coincidentally the people closest to President Putin.

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According to ICIG Director Gerard Riley, the 12 million files of Pandora’s documents record the activities of 130 billionaires from 45 countries.

ICIJ considers other leaks (sea leaks, Panama Papers and Paradise Papers). Pandora papers are huge because it can reach 2.94 terabytes.

Politicians from different parts of the world were reconciled after the press release. Photo: Organization Republic

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