February 2, 2023

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Paula Manzanal enrolls her son in Lionel Messi’s school: How much do you pay for the monthly fees? | Farandula | Views

He has been living in Barcelona for several weeks, where he bought a luxury apartment facing the sea. Model Amore told O Fuego that an accredited school in the area had accepted his son to study for the rest of the semester of 2021.

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“No matter what happens to my son, I can sleep under a bridge as long as he’s always been the best,” he said. ‘La Manzanel’ said about the educational institution of Caledonia, where the children of the football star also study Lionel Messi.

Love and fire He released the statement they sent to the model who told her they had adopted her son. “It was a great pleasure to meet you this afternoon and show you our ‘Foundation Campus’. I hope you enjoyed the tour. Very pleased with what we did. Confirm your location to start in September 2021″, The text says.

According to the Willows project at the school in question Teach English, French and German classes, Thanks to a professional chef for having lunch at the kids company The monthly fee will be limited to 1500 euros, I.e. More than 7200 soles.

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Bala answers McCarena

When did the controversy arise a few days ago McCarrana Castaldo Called “ridiculous.” Paula Yellow And . After the controversy, the blonde broke her silence and promised that she would have a double passport and that Uncle Sam could enter the country.

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“It makes me laugh, that is, at least I do I think I ‘ve been to the US about 50 times … but I just found out that European passport holders need a visa … No … she went there … that’s why it’s good to study, that’s why it’s good to find out … and I, my father, have a Spanish passport. “‘Yellow’ said.

He promised that he would like to explore the world and avoid the same places that Hollywood celebrities go. “I do not know I do not want to continue to go to the same place where all the little players go … So … true, no, it’s not my interest, it’s beautiful, I love America, but it’s not that place, it’s not on my list of priorities now, now I do not know whether I want to go to Morocco or not, Keep Town, Japan, China, those places are on my bucket list“, He noted.

It should be noted that the last time Paula Yellow She moved to the United States in March 2020, when the epidemic began.

Paula Manzanel told Amor O’Fuco that her son had been adopted by a British school in Barcelona. The children of football star Lionel Messi also study there.

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