May 30, 2023

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On March 22, 2010, Ballet Cebra, a four-year-old girl, went missing from her own bed in Huigschlugen. . His mother put him in pajamas and kissed him goodnight. But the next morning, when her nanny tried to wake her up to go to school, the little girl was missing.

Immediately, they searched the apartment, the building and even the pool of condominium where Ballet lived with her parents Mauricio Cabera and Lisette Farah and her sister. But could not find the whereabouts of the little girl. Nine days later she was found between the bottom of the bed and the mattress she had last seen.

Mira: Yolanda Martinez: They have found a body similar to the dress worn by a missing woman in Mexico.

Oddly enough, the ballet was not found and some media outlets conducted interviews with relatives in the girl’s bed, so authorities immediately pointed out that the culprit must have been her family members or those close to her.

Contradictions in parental claims

In the days following the disappearance of Ballet Cebra, the Mexican media ‘Millenio’ reported, The father announced that he knew where they would find her. However, he said he needed some guarantees to provide the information he allegedly had.

For her part, Lisette Farah began to blame her husband for what had happened to her daughter. Ballet was a woman with a motor disability that required constant special care.

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Exactly nine days after realizing the little girl was missing, she was found between the mattress and the bottom of the bed, which led authorities to launch an investigation against both parents and family aides, local media reported.

As updates appeared on most media and social networks, the case reached the national interest. Further, it was investigated from a local case led by the Office of the Attorney General of the State of Mexico, led by Alberto Passpas.

Although the authorities are still working to find the culprit, at present, None of the family members were responsible for what happened to Ballet And it is not clear to the public under what circumstances the girl died.

Cause of death

According to the girl’s autopsy report, the cause of her death was suffocation due to obstruction of her trachea and strong pressure on her torso. After media interest in the case, Lisette Farah and Mauricio Cabera divorced and custody of their first daughter was in the hands of the mother.

Farah demanded that the judicial file of the trial be handed over to him as he questioned the opinion given by the prosecutor’s office that his death was accidental.

Twelve years have passed since then, and Mexico now remembers this death with great interest because of the persistent contradictions in the trial that moved the whole country: the death and death of Debenhi Escobar.

Even those who use social networking sites say that for many years now there have been instances where authorities have been incompetent to locate missing persons and to be transparent in the investigation process.

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