March 25, 2023

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PCM sues Ministry of Justice for blocking public disclosure | Politics

The Who are driving Demanded Attorney Dania Coz Baron, head of the public access section of the Iriarte Asociados study, requested that public information about emails from former prime ministers be withheld.

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“We request that the 00001763-2021-JUS / TTAIP-SEGUNDA SALA Resolution dated August 11, 2021 issued by the Court of Transparency and Public Information be declared invalid. – The claim filed herein has been declared established ”, as stated in the main claim of


This information was requested on May 25, 2021, where “All emails were sent and received by all persons holding the post. From July 28, 1990 to May 25, 2021, according to the documents we approached.

Initially, the request was rejected by PCM, the information in the same message or email attachment is private and the account is private to the assigned server.

“The information contained in the emails of the public authorities may contain confidential, exclusive and confidential information, which, in turn, may contain information about the privacy and privacy of the server, which is why access to the requested emails is public.”

Thereafter, on June 11, 2021, the citizen appealed, and if an email contained personal information or was subject to legal exceptions, “this is not a bar to denying the request for information, and in all cases the provision of partial information.

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Similarly, it was argued that the regulation of the Transparency and Access to Public Information Act was amended by the Supreme Court on November 14, 2018, detailing that “information in the email” of officials and public servants came from public access. , Provided that this is a generalized corporate information.

For this reason, it was announced that the appeal was established after an analysis by Minzas’ Second Room of the Court for Transparency and Access to Public Information. “Provide requested public information” except for confidential, reserved or confidential emails.

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