June 3, 2023

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Pedro Castillo | Nicolas Maduro | President Oscar Martua is attending Congress for a meeting between Pedro Castillo and Nicolas Maduro on Tuesday 28 | Peru | Venezuela | Politics

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Before the meeting And In Mexico – as revealed by Prime Minister Guido Belido and not included in the presidential agenda – Ernesto Fustamande, chairman of the Commission on Foreign Relations, announced to El Commercio that they would be summoning Foreign Minister Oscar Martou.

This is part of an ongoing crisis in the administration and the internal struggle between the president and the president. (…) Apparently Belido is influential with recent reports. The situation is very confusing and That’s why we need a chancellor [en la comisión de RREE]. We are waiting for his return so that he is not overwhelmed by quotes while he is on the plane ”, He shouted.

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In the morning, the foreign minister was expected to arrive next Monday, but then Fustamond confirmed that the minister would attend on Tuesday the 28th at 3 p.m.

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In addition, he felt he should deliver a message to the nation about his visits to Mexico and the United States.

President Castillo must give a message to the nation [Celac, OEA, ONU], To find out who else he met, because Mr. If Maduro says he met him [Castillo], The president may have met othersHe shouted.

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Tuesday night He confirmed that he had spoken . The conversation took place in Mexico, but the president did not report it. .

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Bustamante added that they would take advantage of this new call to resolve “doubts and questions” that the Chancellor did not answer. .

“[En la última citación] A series of questions remained unanswered and it was agreed that he would be recalled. But of course, the questions asked are left unfinished We wanted to see exactly what happened during the presidential visit, and a lot of things have happened. One of them is this topic [reunión de Castillo y Maduro] Who is going to wonder exactly why it collides ”, The MP informed the newspaper.

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For his part, the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Ilyich Lopez (popular action), announced his support for sending a summons to Foreign Minister Martou or Prime Minister Guido Belido. “It helps solve problems.”

“[Citar a Maúrtua o a Bellido] Going to solve problems, welcome. But let it be clear, It is not possible to have a certain position, the choice should not be the choice. An audit should be done to help us with the major problems we have in our foreign relations with Venezuela“, he said.

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Personally, he said the president had agreed to hold talks with Nicolas Maduro. “Solve Venezuela’s immigration problem in Peru”.

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