March 25, 2023

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Pedro Castillo will attend the 2022 World Economic Forum

The Peruvian Foreign Ministry on Tuesday confirmed the president’s participation. Pedro Castillo, In the 2022 edition World Economic Forum Davos (WEF), Switzerland.

The annual meeting will be held from January 17-21 under the theme “Working Together, Restoring Hope”.

This international event will bring together business leaders, government, international organizations, civil society and the world of education.

Serious inequality

Last September, the World Economic Forum Noted that The COVID-19 epidemic has widened and strengthened social divisions.

“The epidemic has brought about profound changes. In a world full of uncertainties and tensions, personal conversation is more important than ever,” quoted WEF founder and CEO Glass Swab. AFP.

In this regard, the Bank for International Solutions (BIS) report released last June warns that “the epidemic has exacerbated income and wealth inequality in the world”.

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