February 4, 2023

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Peru is the third largest importer of chicken meat from Brazil in the region Poultry Price | import | Chicken | economy

Considering both fresh and processed products, Brazil It has exported 4,610 million tonnes chicken meat In 2021, the revenue was USD 7,664 million ABBA. Between January and June 2022, the South American country exported 2,423 million tons, an increase of 8% compared to the same period last year, while its revenue was 4,729 million USD, a 36% increase over the previous year’s sales.

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According to President Ricardo Santin ABBA, the crisis in Russia and Ukraine reduced the production and import of grain and other components for poultry raising, which pushed up prices. The effects will continue until 2023.

The consequences of the crisis in Ukraine and Russia will have more consequences in 2023, because the market does not know how much grain will be available from Ukraine and Russia and the price is unknown. Both countries sold 30% of the world’s wheat. […] The growth is due to high demand for the products”, he indicated at a press conference organized in São Paulo.

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The main market for this type of meat is Asia, while the US market is in fourth place. Of the 150 countries that import chicken meat BrazilThe Peru It ranks 22nd among major importers in 2021.

In that year, our country imported 45,675 tons, accounting for 1% of the world share. It ranks third in the region behind Mexico (104,495 tons) and Chile (96,569 tons).

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Peruvian proximity to the Brazilian market will be maintained and grow this year. According to the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Irrigation (Midagiri), . According to ABBADuring the period from January to July this year, 18,500 tonnes have been sold to our country.

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Peru It has increased in size [de importación] In the last two years and Brazil to play together Peru Very interesting competition, because chicken is widely used in broths and other products, for example”, commented Luis Rua, Director of Markets ABBA.

In ABBA We are creating campaigns for Latin American countries to buy. Brazil Ready to sell and dependent Peru And how much you want to buy from other countries”, Santin highlighted.

Rua added that work is underway to approve sites for the export of pork to Peru, which authorized the purchase of the product in May 2021. Brazil It is the fourth largest producer and exporter of this type of meat worldwide.

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According to information from , Peru Not exported chicken meat In 2021 or as early as 2022. His last record was in February 2020 when he sold 4.7 tonnes for USD 3.2 million.