February 4, 2023

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Philip VI | The King of Spain’s reaction to Bolivar’s sword at the inauguration of Gustavo Pedro in Colombia | Video | the world

Acquisition As President of Colombia, last Sunday, August 7, he gave all sectors of Colombian society something to talk about. María José Pizarro, daughter of slain M-19 leader Carlos Pizarro, donning the presidential sari on the president, political messages on the clothes of those attending the event, cultural displays across the country, among others, were some of the highlights during the ceremony.

But, definitely, one of the defining moments of this inauguration King of Spain, Philip VIAnd his reaction

Meera: As one of the first acts of his government, Gustavo Pedro ordered Bolivar’s sword to be taken out and brought to the plaza.

Most of the leaders and representatives in attendance from Latin America and various countries in the world stood and applauded before the arrival of the Colombian national emblem in Plaza Bolivar. But not so for the sitting Spanish king.

This inaction attracted criticism, mainly Spain. For example, the founder of the political party Podemos, Pablo Iglesias pointed to the gesture as “disrespectful to the symbol of freedom in Latin America.”

And yet, within Colombia The situation was taken with grace and sarcasm, giving free rein to a lot of memes and reactions on social networks.