July 6, 2022

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Plymouth: What about the worst UK shooting in a decade and its culprit linked to the Incels | UK | United Kingdom | Jack Davison | The world

Jake Davison, 22, killed five people in Plymouth South , Last Thursday night.

Davison Maxine Davison (his mother, 51), shot dead another woman, two men and a 3-year-old girl six minutes later in the British city of Keyham.

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According to local police chief Shawn Sawyer, the young man was licensed to carry guns.

Police say the worst mass shooting in the UK since 2010 was not linked to terrorism.

In videos on the Internet, Davison spoke of the feeling of being “beaten” and “defeated by life”.

How was the attack?

“Incident related to domestic issues”

On Thursday, police received calls from the address on Pitik Drive, the street where the attack took place at 6:11 p.m., local time, and armed and unarmed officers arrived within minutes.

Five people, including Davison and his mother, died at the scene, and one later died at the hospital.

Agent Sawyer said the weapon used in the shooting was described by witnesses “Pump Action Gun”But police have not confirmed the details.

The police chief added that a gun had been recovered from the scene and that authorities were not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident.

The crime scene is closed. (AVERAGE PA).

“We believe it was a domestic incident that took to the streets and took the lives of many in Plymouth in extraordinary tragic circumstances,” he added.

After shooting his mother at his home, Davison went out into the street, where he “immediately shot a woman” identified as Sophie Martin.

He also shot and killed 43-year-old Lee Martin, the girl’s father.

Davison shot another woman, 53, and a man, 33, who were hospitalized with injuries, “not believing their lives were in danger.”

He went to a park where he shot and killed 59-year-old Stephen Washington.

“Eyewitnesses said Davison later shot himself and killed himself,” Sawyer said.

Police are working on 13 crime cases and said they are examining Davison’s computer hard drive and his social media records as part of the investigation.

Sawyer pointed out that as of this Friday, “no motive has been identified for the shooting.”

“Reluctant bachelors”

In his videos on the Internet, Davison claims that he is socially isolated and has difficulty meeting women, and that “insults” or “unwilling celibates” accuse women of sexual misconduct on the Internet, as they are associated with various acts of violence around the world.

BA Media.
BA Media.

In his last 11-minute video, Davison said, “I know this is a movie, but sometimes I just want to think of Terminator or something. Despite the overall failure of the organization, it continues to strive to carry out its mission.

Davison wrote about mass shooting in a social media post three weeks ago..

The young man, who said he had joined the job as a crane operator, was also discussing gun laws at Reddit. He once wrote that “there are more guns in Europe and the UK than people think.”

At another Reddit forum, a group for virgins complained that she was a “virgin” and said, “I can’t attract women.”

Davison posted hateful complaints about single mothers and her own mother online, calling her “nasty, inactive and confused.”

YouTube and Facebook have confirmed that Davison’s accounts have been deleted for violating their policies.


Marianna Spring Analysis

Misinformation and social media reporter

On the now-deleted YouTube account, Davison lamented her personal appearance, talked about feeling isolated and having difficulty meeting women.

Several air ambulances arrived at the scene.  (Snapshot).
Several air ambulances arrived at the scene. (Snapshot).

Sometimes he would get into tires using words created by “unwilling celibates” called “insults”.

This internet subculture encourages women to blame their appearance, their romantic relationships, and their dissatisfaction with the men who manage their lives, and relationships with them.

Davison referred to these men as “chats” in his videos. Comparisons with them focus not only on personality or self-confidence, but also on the belief that some “insults” are genetically backward compared to these humans.

He also used other phrases linked to the Incel community, including “black pill overdose.”

If you are not physically attractive in terms of the “black pill” mentality, you have the belief that you are unworthy of love and will fail every time you look for it.


In the scene

Andrea Armsby, BBC Southwest correspondent

“Shock” is a word I hear over and over again from the locals.

I ‘ve talked to many people who live here, and they all told me: “It could be me.”

Police arrived just minutes after the attack.
Police arrived just minutes after the attack.

A father told me he was in his car with his little girl when he saw people waving at him on the highway where he was going.

They said to him: “Do not come. There is an attacker, go.”

Others said they would ring incessantly with calls from loved ones to check that their phones were safe.

Keyham is a quiet community in general, but a pastor said everything felt particularly quiet as people responded to what happened this Friday.


Tribute to the victims

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wrote on his Twitter page: I thank the emergency services for their response.

The highways around Keyham were closed after Thursday's shooting.  (AVERAGE PA).
The highways around Keyham were closed after Thursday’s shooting. (AVERAGE PA).

The Plymouth City Council said city flags were flown at half-mast and that Smeaton’s Tower in Plymouth was set on fire Friday night in memory of the victims.

Authorities responded to the emergency and asked people to stay home and follow police advice.

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said he had spoken to Home Secretary Priti Patel and assured her that the situation was under control.

Plymouth City Council President Nick Kelly did not compare the shooting to his “Memory of Life.”

“Today our city is in mourning and my heart beats for all those directly affected by this incident,” he said.

Bishop of Plymouth, Rev. Fr. Nick McKinnell, the city has a “tradition of pain and trauma,” as well as “extreme anxiety” that will affect people’s lives forever.

Devon and Cornwall Police and Criminal Commissioner Alison Hernandez told many in the community that “before their eyes, they would have seen firsthand where they live.”

The last mass shooting in the UK took place in 2010 when taxi driver Derrick Byrd killed 12 people in Cumbria, northwest of the country.


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