June 3, 2023

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Portugal: Jessica kidnapped and tortured for five days for witchcraft Description | EC stories | The world

The incident in which three-year-old girl Jessica was murdered has come as a shock He was shocked by the revelations of the investigation into the alleged kidnapping and mistreatment of the girl for a loan of 400 euros due to “witchcraft services”.

The girl was admitted to the hospital this week Setup -About 50 kilometers from Lisbon- In severe condition with heart attack and The doctors could not save her.

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The autopsy revealed Symptoms of abuse -With abrasions visible all over the body and The hair was pulled out– Y Police today arrested three people: a 50-year-old woman, a nurse, her 52-year-old husband and their 27-year-old daughter.

The couple is accused of refusing to help their daughter for failing to report or report to a qualified homicide and emergency room.

According to Corio da Manha, the first investigations reveal Jessica’s mother goes to a nurse named Anna Christina to do “magic work” and maintains her relationship with the woman’s stepfather.

A loan of 400 euros will be behind the abduction of the girl. She was held for five days by her captives and tortured.

According to local media, police are also investigating the girl’s mother, who said she was at a holiday camp during the abduction to prevent social services from detaining her.

Jessica’s condition has already been investigated by the Child and Youth Protection Commission Luca, however, filed the lawsuit in early June, considering that the girl was being protected within the family.

Today, lawyers, officials and experts think Portugal About chain bugs that end in death Jessica.

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Mariana Vieira da Silva, the second-in-command of the Portuguese government, acknowledged today that “this is something that shocks everyone” and “failures in the system need to be investigated and therefore corrected.”