March 29, 2023

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Queen Elizabeth II | David Beckham stood in line for twelve hours to say goodbye to the former king Man Utd | Real Madrid | Soccer-International

One of the great personalities of England because of his great career as a footballer , And the ‘Three Lions’ selection. However, even such a condition did not prevent him from skipping kilometers of queues to see the funeral procession of Queen Elizabeth II in London. The former player, a friend of the royal family and an attendee of Enrique and Meghan’s wedding in 2018, joined the thousands of people who queued along the banks of the River Thames for access to see it. The Queen’s coffin rests in Westminster Hall.

According to British media, Beckham was in line for around twelve hours. Dressed in a black suit and hat, the former England national team Real Madrid and Manchester United footballer shared “sandwiches”, “lemon sorbet” and “doughnuts” with other people in the queue.

People found Beckham in the crowd and took photos with the ex-footballer, disrupting the normal progression of the queue. For some, being a former Real Madrid player is a problem. For others, it was a privilege to share the wait with the former footballer.

Beckham isn’t the only celebrity to join the ranks these days, with former Prime Minister Theresa May also among the first to pay her respects to the Queen.

Beckham queues for kilometers to bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth II.

Wait more than 24 hours

Queues to gain access to the interior of the burning Church of Queen Elizabeth II in central London are experiencing long 24-hour waits and overcapacity, British officials warned this Saturday.

At 08:00 local time (07:00 GMT), the Culture Ministry warned in a message that it would now take a full day for those joining the queue to reach Westminster Hall, the seat of Parliament where the coffin is kept. That means maximum capacity is about to be reached, at which point more people will be prevented from queuing to bid farewell to the Queen.

This morning, the ministry had already asked in another message that no one else should join the long queue for now, which had to be interrupted for seven hours yesterday to avoid overcrowding.

Beckham queues for kilometers to bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth II.
Beckham queues for kilometers to bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth II.

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