February 4, 2023

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Queen Elizabeth II: Events of Peruvian ambassadors with the Queen | United Kingdom | Charles III | Funeral | Meeting with Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle | the world

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Luna didn’t panic. He chose to work in the city because he liked British history and international relations, so he was very interested. Before, of course, they explained the protocol: black morning suit and striped pants. “And I was told that I could not speak to the Rani for more than five minutes and that I should leave when she bowed her head.”.

That morning, a series of floats stopped in front of the Peruvian embassy and Luna took the opportunity to photograph herself before leaving. I was excited. “They opened the gates Hyde Park And here we go Buckingham Amidst the crowds of tourists”. When it was time to go down the aisle, they were escorted between cars to the palace. They entered without incident and met the king. After the queen spoke with the ambassador, she led the consorts inside. He, the lowest-ranking diplomat, spoke to him for the last time.

“I know all about you,” said Elizabeth II.

1967. Ricardo Luna, when he was Third Secretary of the Peruvian Embassy in the United Kingdom, was about to go out to see Queen Elizabeth II. (personal file)

Within seconds, Luna knew that, in fact, the British Sovereign knew more about her than almost half of her friends, the details she read. America, for example. “He also asked me where London I lived, whether I was married or single, whatever activities I liked. This is how my career began”.

I was surprised because one would expect the queen to only deal with information about the minister, because in the end it was a presentation of credentials. But he knows things about me. Not just a strategy to show that she is paying attention to everything, but also a way to make the other representatives feel comfortable so that no one gets the impression that she is an unattainable woman.”.

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Paddington Bear

1995. Eduardo Ponce Vivanco arrives in London as ambassador of the government of the former president. Alberto Fujimori. He looked forward to meeting Queen Elizabeth II: he knew her charms. “When the time was right, I submitted my credentials to her and when I left office, I said goodbye to her, and naturally she outlived many.

On other occasions, Bones says, he ran into her in more informal encounters. He remembers her like thatA beautiful girl, very simple“, and”Up to the joke“why”He didn’t laugh but smiled”. “There was a recurring theme Bear Paddington. He told me that he was always very active, but that he seemed like a good character who united two countries so different and so far apart.”.

They also joined a lunch organized for Fujimori’s official visit in mid-1998. The then First Lady, Minister of Economy and Minister of Foreign Affairs attended. Eduardo Ferrero-Costa. The latter recalled that the meeting took place in the private dining room of Buckingham Palace. “I sat to her left and had a very pleasant conversation with her. I keep the memory of a distinguished woman, but simple, cultured and genuinely interested in our country”, says Ferrero Costa.

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Eduardo Ponce, when I was taken to present my credentials to Queen Elizabeth II.  (personal file)
Eduardo Ponce, when I was taken to present my credentials to Queen Elizabeth II. (personal file)

Round trips

2006. Ricardo Luna meets the Queen again after 39 years. At that time, he was already an ambassador United Nations And inside WashingtonNow again United Kingdom He held the highest diplomatic post in the country. At their credentials meeting, they spoke.

“Nice to see you again,” he told her.

“Me too, but don’t remind me of the last time,” joked Elizabeth II.

Since then, they have met several times. “Every year, he hosts official gatherings like a spring or winter party, and when he shakes hands, he doesn’t treat you like a stranger. She asked how I was and how my daughter was doing. Know about my family”.

Once I asked the ethics director why he did that and why he even knew those details. He replied: ‘So don’t get bored’. Imagine having six or seven thousand strictly ethical cases a year. Well, she told herself not to be paralyzed by boredom, but with natural sympathy. The queen died while the world was experiencing a very complicated situation; In this moment too, she developed sympathy”.

Luna adds Isabel II “She is a stateswoman who best exemplifies the true vocation of public service, doing it with finesse and skill. At the same time, her administration for nearly three-quarters of a century embodies the pure essence of diplomacy.

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