February 9, 2023

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Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom avoids food at all costs to maintain her health | People

We know many details about the Queen’s daily life : From , , Their concern , The story of their Gorky dogs Up to . But there is one detail about a dish that is not much known and 95: The king avoids consuming himself to maintain his excellent health in potatoes.

Plus: How much do you know about Queen Elizabeth II of England?

British newspaper Daily Mail An expression like this when sharing a conversation at lunch in 2019 The founder of the initiative, Kai Singh-Watson, attended Vegetable box And an accredited promoter of organic food in the UK.

I do not remember how, but we started a conversation about diabetes and diet The queen said not to eat potatoes […] We were talking about vegetables because it is definitely my profession. She amazes me with her wide interest, the knowledge is extraordinary. “Singh-Watson said about the king’s meal.

On the other hand, former Isabel II personal chef, Darren McGrady, confirmed on the website Called the king She doesn’t care much about food And he “eats to live.” Their dinners were planned by them several days in advance workers The chefs, “they include farm food, game birds, pheasants, partridge,” McGrady explained, “he wanted them to be on the menu.”

Potatoes may not be what you want in your daily diet, but there is another food that the King of the United Kingdom wants. He likes chocolate. He liked it, it had to be dark chocolate. The darker the chocolate, the better “, McGrady said.

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