May 30, 2023

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Queen Elizabeth withdraws Prince Andrew’s military titles over sexual abuse | United Kingdom | Prince Andrew | Virginia Quefre | The world

The Has decided to withdraw all his military degrees , Buckingham Palace announced Thursday that he will be prosecuted in the United States for alleged involvement in the petty sexual abuse scandal. In a brief statement issued by the official residence of the British sovereign, the Royal House pointed out that “with the Queen’s approval and her agreement, the military titles of the Duke of York and his royal supporters have been returned to the Queen.”

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The Palace further declares, “The Duke of York will not continue to hold any public office, and will argue his (judicial) case as a private citizen.”

Elizabeth II’s son can no longer use the title “His Royal Highness” in any official capacity.

An anonymous source close to Andres told the British media that he would “continue to defend himself” after the publication of this drastic measure, which caused great setback to the Duke and his entourage. Virginia Quefre.

The woman continues to claim that Minor was abducted by billionaire Jeffrey Epstein with the help of her “right-hand man” and former ally Kislyn Maxwell to have sex with the prince.

“We are not surprised by Judge (Louis) Kaplan’s opinion on the severity of our arguments,” said the same source close to Andres, after the magistrate rejected all of Duke’s arguments to file the case.

However, “this is not a valid judgment of the charges Quefre“When this process is considered a marathon, not a sprint, Duke will defend himself against these charges.”

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Veterans complain

The king’s decision comes after a court ruling on the case was announced yesterday, urging about 152 war veterans from the country to withdraw the honor from his son.

Soldiers of the British Navy, Air Force and the army of this country have appealed to the Sovereign to snatch away all the honors of the Prince, in an open letter addressed to Elizabeth II, the Anti-Monarchy Group released today.

In the letter, these soldiers expressed their “disgust and anger” that the prince – to this day – retained those titles because his position seemed “unacceptable”.

They also recalled that Andres’ involvement in the sex scandal “disturbed” the military services he was associated with, “that it was unthinkable for any other senior military officer (who was in that situation) to have him. Status.”

Although Andres dropped out of public appearances in 2019, he never participated in any military action again because of his association with the notorious North American pedophile who committed suicide in prison in the United States, and until now he has maintained his operations at 8. British troops, which have been in a state of drag for the past two years.

The connection between Charles’s brother in England and the military is deep and dates back many decades.

Prince was a helicopter pilot at the Battle of Malvinas in Argentina and the United Kingdom (between April and June 1982), and was a Colonel or Deputy Colonel of the Grenadier Guards among the military honors bestowed on and withdrawn. – Head of the Royal Lancers.

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The Duke of York has always categorically denied Kieffrey’s allegations, and in 2019 he gave an interview to the BBC Newsnight program, giving his version of what had happened, in the hope that he would clean up his bad image.

On that television show, Elizabeth II’s son denied having sex with minors, and admitted that although he had defended his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, his relationship with pedestrians should have been severed much earlier.

Without the help of many analysts, his television intervention further damaged his image among the citizens.

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