June 3, 2023

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Rankings of Most Expensive Cities to Live in Latin America: Lima Ranks Sixth and Absolute Rankings | Santiago de Chile | Bogota | Buenos Aires | RMMD EMCC | cl co ar | The world

Lima is the sixth most expensive city in Latin America, according to ECA International’s annual list of global mobility, which takes into account a number of factors, including rental services, basic food and transportation. Expensive to live on.

According to this report, collected Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is expected to be the most expensive place to live in 2022. With a population of over 2 million 890 thousand (according to the latest data from the National Statistics and Census of the Republic of Argentina) the city is located on the banks of the River Plate.

Buenos Aires It jumped from 92nd to 37th in 2021, a change of 55 levels in the ranking of the most expensive cities in the world. With the exception of Santiago de Chile, which rose from 98th to 119th globally in 2021, most Latin American cities have increased their positions this year.

Hong Kong is the most expensive city in the world for this year. New York in second place; Following Geneva, London and Tokyo.

Asia is the most expensive continent, with five cities (Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Seoul) in the top 10.

Prices in Buenos Aires

Detailed on the website expatistanThe site, which rents 85m2 fitted apartments in the Argentine capital and collects living cost data from cities around the world, costs about US $ 594.

A liter of milk costs an average of US $ 1.11, which is just 12 cents less than what you pay in New York, the second most expensive city in the world.

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As described by this portal, Buenos Aires is 37% more expensive than Bogot, which ranks lower and outside the top 10 most expensive cities in Latin America. Food and entertainment are expensive in the Argentine capital.

The most expensive cities in Latin America

Buenos Aires occupies the first place in the most expensive city. In second place is Montevideo (Uruguay). It is followed by Panama City (Panama) and Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), followed by Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Santiago de Chile (Chile) and Lima (Peru). Inside

“Following the challenges posed by greed and political unrest in previous years, Brazil’s real fall has been accompanied by a rise in interest rates to combat inflation, with the Brazilian currency undergoing a change. It has given the country a high price for the audience and strengthened the real.Steven Gilferford, Director of ECA International Perception, explained.

Bogot is the 12th most expensive Latin American city in the world. According to ECA International, Colombia’s political uncertainty has led to a drop of four places in the global rankings.

“On the surface, Colombia should have seen its currency strengthen, and should have been a major oil exporter when prices rose. However, pre-election political uncertainty has had the opposite effect on the Colombian peso, making it cheaper for many foreigners or tourists.”Indicates ECA International Analysis.

Latin America Rankings:

1, Buenos Aires

2, Montevideo

3, Panama City and Santo Domingo

4, Rio de Janeiro

5, Santiago de Chile

6, Lima

7, Guatemala City

8, Kitto

9, Sao Paulo

10, San Jose

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11, Mexico City

12, Bogota

13, in Guayaquil

14, C கோrdoba

15, Tegucigalpa