May 27, 2022

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Ray del Weba: Juan Manuel Questian on DJ Death in San Luis Photos | Clumsy | Mexico | Fame

Sonitoros’ Guild photos and mourns the death of one of the most recognized and acclaimed musicians in the United States. We are talking , Better known ““Or” Tandon “, a DJ who created a valuable art career in his short time, which earned him the affection of the public.

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The murder of Potosino caused a stir in everything Mexico, Forms rallies trying to give him one last farewell. “Clumsy” He is known for creating a magnificent ‘sonitero’ with his horns, and with the intervention of his voice he gave a different style to the gumbos so that the audience did not stop dancing and enjoying the songs.

Chairman of “Kiss sound” One of the announcers of the project “King Juan Manuel Questian Laura’s Famous”, On the radio ‘Famous 21’, Aired Monday through Friday from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm, as well as the special edition on Mondays from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm; In this way, it provided a new alternative to radio.

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What did the Death King of Veba do?

Last Tuesday, October 5 at 3:30 p.m., Juan Manuel Quistian was shot inside a white Nissan Giggs vehicle, As announced by the State Attorney General’s Office. The unfortunate event happened On the highway to Rioverte and Jos டி de Colves Avenue in San Luis Potosசி, Mexico.

Near a gas station and in the car, the victim was on the driver’s side, visible from the gunshot wounds. Staff from the Office of the Scientific Attorney arrived at the scene and ordered the body to be transferred to the forensic medical service to process the crime and determine the true cause of death by forensic autopsy. Specifies the report.

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The “King of Veba” He was led by armed men who were traveling in another car. Using high-powered weapons, the criminals fired numerous bullets at the DJ and fled. Some of those projectiles hit Mexico in the head and chest, causing his immediate death. People who heard the weapon explode, informed authorities and found a lifeless body inside the car.

Tanton’s last prophecy

Driver “King Juan Manuel Questian Laura’s Famous” He last appeared with his group “Sonito Kiss” to pay tribute to Jimmy Mamalon in the San Luis Yunos neighborhood, near where he was assassinated. Similarly, a month ago he toured the state of Baja California as a guest at the “La Gloria Bar” in Tijuana.

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In his political politics

In 2014, Ricardo Gallardo was the director of “Danton” “Focus on Youth” when he was mayor of San Luis Potos. Upon learning of his death, former local deputy Petro Carisols was saddened and asked the authorities to get justice. The famous “Mijis” remembered him as a happy and intelligent man who knew how to give him good advice.

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