March 29, 2023

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RCN Tracking | Rodolfo Hernandez vs. Gustavo Pedro | Colombia Elections Survey 2022 Wednesday, June 8: Pedro 47.8%, Hernandez 47.1% | Second round | June 19 | The world

For the first time, the candidate is being monitored by the RCN Be ahead of your competitors In the race of Casa de Narino . The leader of the historical treaty scored 47.8% higher than the engineer showing 47.1%. Despite the technical balance, the senator has a positive trend in this measure, which was carried out by GAD3 Colombia SAS while the former mayor of Bukaramanga is in decline.

The measurement released today also illustrates that Pedro is thankful as part of the women’s vote. When asked who they would vote for in Sunday’s election, June 19, 47% said they would vote for a left-wing candidate and 46% would vote for a left-wing candidate. Association of Anti-Corruption Leaders.

Mira: Rodolfo Hernandez’s 10-Hour Working Day Proposal for Public Officers in Colombia

Hernandez shows a big fall in this item. Compared to the surveillance of the same company on June 1, Pedro closed the distance and passed him.

Rodolfo Hernandez Has lost nine points from women in a week And about 30 points from Sergio Fazardo’s central vote.

Mira: Rodolfo Hernandez warns that a “class struggle” could erupt in Colombia

At the time, the study said success was possible Rodolfo Women will give it to him because 55.7% of them will vote for him and only 40.1% will vote for him. Petro.

In this measure, there is a positive difference with regard to women’s votes Hernandez It was 11.6%. As of today, Petro 1% presence.

39,002,239 people across the country are authorized to vote in Colombia. The majority are 20,111,908 women. Men 18,890,331. The mobilization of women’s votes is fundamental to this definition.

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Another notable aspect of today’s observation is who you think will be president Colombia.

When the first measurement was made, 51.8% believed it would be Hernandez Compared to the 40.4% it was supposed to be Petro.

Now at this point things are upside down. 46.4% responded that they believe it Petro He will be the new head of state from 2022-2026. 44.8% think it will be Hernandez.

Technical Paper on RCN Tracking

– Law firm that implemented it: GAD3 Columbia SAS – Law firm that relied on it: RCN Televisión SA

– Financial Source: RCN Televisión SA

– Process used to select sample type and sample units:

– Random selection of interviewers with daily compliance based on gender and age and geographical allocations. Proportional allocation across the country. (See table for geographical distribution of the sample).

– Sample size: Total: 4,041 According to the following waves: 30/31-May: 1,200; June-1: 556; June-2: 553; June 3: 531, June 4: 400, June 6: 401 and June 7: 400.

– Study Material: The intention to vote in the second round of the 2022 presidential election in Colombia

– Specific questions designed: 14 (Complete form with complete answers attached)

– Characters in question: Presidential candidates for the second round – Colombia 2022: Gustavo Pedro and Rodolfo Hernandez.

– Area (Geographical Universe and Demographic Universe): National Purpose. Residents of Colombia with the right to vote.

– Model used to select the model: Computer Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI) for Cell Phones in Colombia.- Collected Date: May 30 to June 7, 2022, AI

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– Margin of error: 95.5% (two sigma) நம்பிக்க 1.6% for the confidence scale (n = 4,041) and the most unfavorable hypothesis at the assumption of a simple random sample = 0.5.

– Statistician who designed the research: Dr. Narciso Michavila Nunes