May 30, 2023

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Richel Galago: He is 16 and 50 years old due to a strange genetic disorder Viral | Photos | Video | nnda nnrt | Social Websites

By The case of Richel Galago, a 16-year-old girl, is 50 years old after she suffered from a rare degenerative genetic disorder that accelerates aging. According to her, she was ashamed to leave the house because of her appearance from participating in beauty contests, which has changed drastically in a few months.

In a conversation with the Philippine chain GMA, he explained that the woman started with a rash that appeared all over her body. He always appeared to be an adult, which is why he competes, and his appearance began to change dangerously after he appeared wrinkles on his face, neck, arms and abdomen. In addition, he suffers from persistent back pain.

Since then, he has stopped associating with his friends, avoiding going outside. Now, in the face of a series of questions they ask him, Riesel Callaghan decided to appear on television to clarify all doubts about his disorder.

“They ask me why my appearance is old. I did not answer them because I do not know what happened.”Rissell commented. “No. I blame my parents because they don’t know. “.

“It hurts when they tell me my daughter is older than me.”Her mother said. “Sometimes when I get older I imagine her and see how beautiful she can be.”

Thanks to a valuable medical endocrinologist, he was diagnosed Progeria. “We have only 200 documented cases worldwide”The doctor commented. “The most important manifestation is wrinkles or aging and delayed growth”.

This disorder causes a person’s body to age faster, but Rissell should be concerned about dangerous symptoms such as heart attack, stroke or risk of stroke, rather than worrying about appearance.

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It is also important to focus on the bones and joints, which can quickly lose bone density.

For Richel Galago his body is growing fast now and the only thing he can do is treat heart and bone problems. For this reason, he has opened a bank account to receive donations that allow him to pay for both medical visits and medications.

According to their parents, none of them had a genetic disorder of old age or they did not remember that there was a case in their family.

What is Progeria?

The ProgeriaAlso known as “Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome”, it is a very rare progressive genetic disorder that accelerates the aging of children and begins in the first two years of life. With children Progeria They usually appear normal at birth; However, within the first year, signs and symptoms such as slow growth and hair loss begin to appear. . Heart problems or stroke are the leading cause of death for most children with progeria.

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