May 30, 2023

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Rodolfo Hernandez and Gustavo Pedro | Colombia 2022 Presidential Election Results: Fico Gutierrez Announces Support for Rodolfo Hernandez in Second Presidential Round | The world

Right-wing candidate The major loser in the first round of the Colombian presidential election, along with his rival Rodrigo Lara, announced this Sunday that he would vote for the Popularist Party in the second round. Who will face the left .

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“I want to make it clear that we do not want to lose the country and that we do not want the future. Colombia, Our families and our children. So, Rodrigo And I will vote Rodolfo By Marlene (Torres) on June 19, “he said. Cutress In his first statement after hearing the election results.

With 99.90% forecast completed, Pedro received 8,523,956 votes in his third presidential election, equivalent to 40.32% But that was not enough to win the presidency in the first round, which was the goal of his coalition this Sunday. Historical agreement.

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In three weeks his rival is Hernandez, a 77-year-old engineer and former mayor of Bukaramanga. The fifth city in the country, which was started independently by the governors of the League of Anti-Corruption, a movement created by him suited him and today he received 5,952,067 votes, which is 28.15%.

The president walked out of the race CutressOf the right-wing coalition Team for ColombiaThe poll gave second place to whom but only to whom 5,054,993 votes (23.91%)And Sergio Fazardo received only 888,151 votes from the Centro Esperanza coalition, or 4.20%.

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In that order, Cutress He thanked the more than five million Colombians who voted for him and criticized him PetroAbout whom he said, “Everything he said and did, it was not comfortable. Colombia”.

“It will endanger democracy, freedom, the economy, families and our children,” he added.

However, he clarified that they will support the candidate they support because they will support him. Hernandez And his group are “those who respond to their actions in government.”

“In addition, Rodrigo and I have made it clear that we will not be part of his government or seek to do so. We are going to maintain a supervisory position, ”he said.

Finally, Cutress He said: “I invite you to take care of the country and vote for Rodolfo and Marlene on June 19 (…) because once democracy is gone, they will not come back.”