June 3, 2023

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Rodrigo González will file a lawsuit against Karen Schwarz and Cathy Saenz: “I was branded an abuser” | Lourdes Sachs | Susanna Umbert | Entertainment | Celebrity | Love and fire | Performances

In the latest edition of Amor y Fuego this June 2nd,He said he was ready to sue Cathy Saenz, Lourdes Sacín and Susana Umbert, have made headlines for branding her as an abuser because they have tarnished her name.

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“On the recommendation of my lawyer, Evan Parades, I’m going to stop defending myself and start attacking,” he said. Because people like Susannah Umbert, Karen Schwartz, Lourdes Sachs and Kathy Sans have dedicated themselves to making headlines in my life, where I was branded as an abuser. Said Rodrigo Gonzalez.

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He then continued: “Am I being branded as an abuser for saying dead e, for saying program killer, for saying saska? Security arrangements have been made for him as a criminal. It’s happening in our country, look at what’s happening in the United States. They want me to pay compensation (…) No one was able to sue me for libel because it was a personal opinion, so the women went through the ministry to sue me for sexual violence.

Police are trying to arrest Rodrigo Gonzalez following complaints from Cathy Sáenz and Karen Schwarz.

TV presenter Rodrigo González Peluchín was surprised by the police officers who came to arrest him this afternoon.

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Following a complaint lodged by producer Susana Umbard and television editors Kathy Sans and Karen Swears, the police came to the outside of the Vilax TV channel to arrest the television host.

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Rodrigo González’s lawyer, Iván Paredes, denounced the police coming from several police stations, including Miraflores and Surco.

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Gigi Mitter said two patrol cars with a large number of police officers came to the channel and told police to go to catch the thieves and not his accomplice on the show.

Rodrigo González’s defense points out that everything could have happened with comments made during his show yesterday that Rodrigo González was condemning his former Latin comrades.

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