March 29, 2023

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Russia has warned the United States that supplying arms to Ukraine increases the risk of direct conflict

The Russian government Warned United States From the risk of direct confrontation if Washington continues to supply arms UkraineIncluding long distances.

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov warned of the danger on Wednesday. Ukraine Weapon.

“All arms supplies are constantly increasing, increasing the risk of such developments,” Ryapkov responded, citing the RIA Novosti Agency. Direct confrontation between Russia and the United States.

Undersecretary criticizes new US military aid package Ukraine $ 700 million, which, according to U.S. government sources, includes High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (Himars), High Mobility Cannon Rocket Systems.

“We value this in a completely negative way because attempts to present this decision as ‘restrictive’ are futile,” he said, referring to the president’s words. EE.UUJoe Biden, his country did not encourage or allow Ukraine Attack beyond its borders.

Russian missile exercises

The Russian Defense Ministry said today that Russian strategic forces are conducting exercises with the mobile intercontinental ballistic missile system “Yars” in the Ivanovo region, about 200 kilometers northeast of Moscow. Russia.

The ministry said Yars organizations were “actively maneuvering” during the exercises, according to a report compiled by Interfax. About 1,000 players are participating And a hundred vehicles of various kinds.

“Members of the strategic forces are deploying missile systems at field levels, relocating up to 100 kilometers, changing positions, mask and defense,” the defense added.

The “Yars” missiles, which have mobile and silo versions, have a range of up to 12,000 kilometers and carry four nuclear weapons.

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Zhelensky acknowledges human casualties

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr ZhelenskyHe acknowledged that the situation in his country, especially in Donbass, was “extremely difficult” and that “60 to 100 soldiers are killed and 500 injured every day.”

In a statement to Newsmax, an American website compiled by Ukrainian agencies, Zhelensky reiterated that his country was a “defensive perimeter” against Russia and that “this is a physical barrier created by our people.”

Russia Will not stop UkraineOf course, “Zelensky said, for whom” former USSR republics and members of the European Union, or some of them already members of NATO, are already under threat. “

In his last speech this morning, the Ukrainian president thanked European countries for agreeing to “significantly restrict Russia’s oil imports” and said that “practical results are less than billions of euros, which Russia may not have already used to finance terrorism.”

Fighting in the Serverdonetsk

Russian troops Lands in the Ukrainian city of SeverodonetskIn the eastern part of Lukansk, according to the latest section of the General Service of the Armed Forces Ukraine.

In the Donetsk direction, Russian units, with the support of the Air Force, Focus their efforts on different offensive activitiesAccording to kyiv analysis, Moscow troops fire mortars, artillery and MLRS rocket launchers.

Similarly, Russia He strengthened and reassembled the units in the direction of Lyman, where the “fighting continues”, while in Bakmut, he attempts to expel the Ukrainian divisions from their positions near Pilohorivka and Vrupivka.

The Institute for War Research (ISW), a Washington-based strategic and military analysis body, has released its own analysis of the conflict in recent hours, highlighting Russia’s decision to concentrate troops in eastern Ukraine. To capture new territoriesUsually like Severodonetsk and Donbas.

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That decision, according to ISW experts, “creates the conditions for the intensification of counter-attacks by Ukrainian forces in the Gershon area, where Russian troops are most vulnerable”. “(EFE)