September 28, 2022

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Russia suspends supply of electricity to Finland for wanting to join NATO | RAO Nordic | War in Ukraine | Vladimir Putin | The world

Export of electricity from Towards They were suspended from Friday to Saturday night, hours after the announcement was made by a Russian energy supplier, a Finnish official in the field told AFP.

The company responsible for importing Russian electricity to Finland, RAO NordicWith 100% of its Russian capital, it announced on Friday that it would suspend supply due to non-payment. Finland Preparing to file nomination for OTAN.

Mira: Russia has threatened to take military action against Finland if it joins NATO

Russia’s exports to Finland are currently at zero. This has been reported since midnight (21H00 GMT)Timo Kaukonen, who is in charge of operations at the Finnish operator Fingrid, told AFP.

Thanks for the network import SwedenAccording to Fingrid’s real-time reports, Russia announced on Friday that it could do well without electricity.

Finland imports 10% of its electricity from Russia.

RAO NordicIs a subsidiary of the Russian company InterRAO, based in Helsinki. On Friday, he justified his decision by not paying for the electricity supplied Finland From May 6.

No details were provided on whether these tariff issues were related to European sanctions Russia From the invasion Ukraine.

Notice of power outage to Finland Tensions between the two countries have risen sharply due to the Nordic country’s willingness to put forward its candidacy. OTAN In the days to come, probably Sunday.

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