March 25, 2023

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Saint Joseph’s Day: Who is it and why is it celebrated on March 19 every year? revtli | Answers

Christian festivals highlight the sacred role that each saint fulfills and celebrates. Jose de Nazareth is part of the sacred calendar because of his great work in raising the Son of God, and for this reason, 70 years ago, Spain was one of the European countries that welcomed him to celebrate Father’s Day every March 19. . Know who Saint JosephAnd what is your reason Ephemeris.

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Who was Joseph of Nazareth?

will do For over 500 yearsHe VI Class IV with Appointed to formalize e Company He St. Joseph’s Day A Close promotion from 1371 to him Father Gregorio IX.

The Ephemeris of March, 19 has respect A JoseAnd born man Inside BelanAnd for what Lord The trust The Responsible of Take it for a wife want Blessed Virgin Mary Y Aug It contains A persuasive father of Founder of Christianity.

He The Gospel of Matthew Here it is to describe as Artisan by profession That’s later Dedicated to want Carpentry, profession what will teach A Founder of Christianity.

Saint Joseph It was Humble statusAnd though There are no symptoms or clear data On that day Date of DeathApproved for having dead man Inside The arms of Jesus Y MariaThat’s why it exists now Patron of good death.

It should be noted that Joseph of Nazareth was declared He December 8 of 1870 to him Pope Pius IXAlso, like Patron Saint of the Universal Churchand likewise, Family hostand in Work due to employment what freely implemented.

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They are patronage including Countries as Austria, South Korea, Mexico Y Perue Picture es Remembered In The following ephemeris:

San Jose Worker

May 1

Holy Family

Sunday after Christmas

Coptic Calendar

July 20


In 1621A events of Emperor Ferdinand III Y Leopold IHe Charles II, King of SpainAnd this Pope Gregory XVHe St. Joseph’s Day with defined Like a Compulsory party.

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Why is St. Joseph’s Day commemorated every March 19?

Los Faithful devotees of Catholicism to remember Joseph of Nazareth On his appointed day I eat Commemorative date has Various hypotheses.

In Random countriesAnd when XIV centuryHe St. Joseph’s Day with Always celebrated And March, 19 Because it was Date of Death from A very representative image from Catholic Church.

And, that Partners This is Ephemeris true Joseph of Nazareth was Legal guardian Y Nature, the head Y Guardian of the Holy Family what complied with Next Maria Y Founder of Christianity.