March 29, 2023

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Salt Bay is looking for a chef at a restaurant where he charges almost $ 2,000 for a steak, but only pays $ 16 an hour | Nusr-ed | London | UK | Nusret Gökçe | EC stories | The world

The famous Turkish chef, Nusred Coke, is well known The 38-year-old owns a chain of 16 restaurants in six countries around the world and has personal assets worth about $ 50 million. One of his businesses, based in London, is looking for a chef to make expensive dishes such as the Golden Giant Tomahawk Steaks, which sells for $ 1,975. But despite this high cost, the salary offered is $ 16 per hour.

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According to , Named for the post Leader of the party And it Nusr-Ed, Steakhouse London. Here you pay £ 12 ($ 16) per hour, and tips. That salary is equal to the price of a mashed potato sold in a trendy restaurant.He told the media.

“An incredible opportunity for an experienced Chef Dee party to join the Nusred team at the New London Restaurant. As Chef Dee Party, you will be serving at the world’s most famous steakhouse with some of the best products in the UK and overseas.” Says the call.

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“You will play a key role in an excellent team and will support Chef Tea dishes during the service. To the selected candidate, Nusr-Et London offers the most competitive salary And great opportunities to nurture global life “, Advertising continues.

According to the letter Nusr-et London Their desserts cost $ 34 (25), soft drinks $ 12 (£ 9) and gold burgers $ 136 (£ 100).

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Staff prepare meat at Nusrat Cox’s restaurant, Nusr-ed, also known as Salt Bay in Istanbul. (OZAN KOSE / AFP).

Millionaire account

A few weeks ago, the astronomer said at a London restaurant Salt Bay Viral on social websites. A group of diners expressed their disgust at the high price of dinner, which was about 37 37,000 ($ 51,000)., And shared that annoyance on the internet.

What annoyed them the most was the high cost Schedule service, Which came to 5,000 ($ 6,900).

There is no information on how many people ate, but it can be seen in detail that they ordered the Golden Tomahawk worth 50 850 ($ 1,200).

Even Ordered 16 home special baklava and four golden baklava with French fries that came out over 600 pounds ($ 824).

But it was the price of the drink that skyrocketed the price of dinner. Nusr-Et’s restaurants ordered a bottle of Chateau Petrus French wine in 1996 for about, 9,100 ($ 12,500) and two more bottles of the same wine, released in 2003 for a total price of 19 19,900 ($ 27,000).

It was a millionaire bill.  (Photo: Private Archive).
It was a millionaire bill. (Photo: Private Archive).

By the end FoodCustomers were roasted with Dome Perignon Rose Champagne for 1,620 ($ 2,200).

That means in total they spent 30 30,620 on liquor, which would be $ 42,000.

The excess end price is provided by an element used by many users Social Websites Misunderstood: Schedule service.

Overall, dinner cost 32 32,194 ($ 44,250) but added 15% to “table service”. That’s about 4 4,829 ($ 6,600).

According to the criteria

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