June 3, 2023

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Salt Bay Restaurant Criticized For Expensive Service In The UK | United Kingdom | London | Reddit | EC stories | The world

A group went to eat at the strange London chef’s new London restaurant , Expressed disgust at the high price of dinner on the networks, which is about ,000 37,000 ($ 51,000).

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What made them even more angry, however, was its excessive cost Schedule serviceIt came to 5,000 ($ 6,900).

Restaurants of the restaurant located in Luxurious surroundings Nightsprite They shared a photo of the ticket they ate on social networks from the English capital.

Shop Gastronomic From the ‘Nusr-ed’ chain and owned by Nusred Koki, the chef’s nickname. Salt Bay, Famous for its playful way of cooking and seasoning.

In addition, its gastronomy has been credited to Diego Maradona, Connor McGregor and J. Tested by celebrities like Paul.

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The restaurant’s reputation and consumables were included in the bill. The food, especially the drink was expensive, but still reasonable for the place.

What did they eat?

No information is available on how many restaurants there were but in detail you can see they ordered a Golden Tomahawk worth 50 850 ($ 1,200).

This is the Millionaire Bill. (Photo: Private Archive).

Too much Ordered The four dimensions of a homemade special baklava and four golden baklava came out with some French fries for over பவு 600 ($ 824).

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But it was the price of the drink that skyrocketed the price of dinner. ‘Nusr-Et’ diners have been ordering a bottle of French wine Sato Petrus since 1996 for about, 9,100 ($ 12,500) and two more bottles of the same wine, totaling 19 19,900 ($ 27,000) since 2003).

What’s more: At the end Meal, At a cost of 1, 1,620 ($ 2,200) to customers, fried with champagne Rose D ‘Dom Perignon’.

That means in total they spent 30 30,620 on liquor, which would be $ 42,000.

“Service charge is a crime”

The excess final price is given by an element used by many users Social Websites Misunderstood: Schedule service.

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Overall, dinner cost 32 32,194 ($ 44,250) but added 15% to the “table service”. That’s about 4 4,829 ($ 6,600).

After release Invoice At Reddit, users initially questioned whether so much was spent on one dinner, but they also thought about the excessive unauthorized cost of a simple table service.

According to local media ‘LadBible’, many internet users and users were critical of what happened.

4,829 service charge per guy to clear your steak with a pound of salt? ”Wrote one user.

“I can’t take extra responsibility for the 50-pound service. Imagine 5000. This is crazy”, another post.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, users also expressed their views Hate With comments like this: “Salt Bay is a scam. You can not charge such a sum for table service. It is not ethical.”

Fee for service is a crime. 5000 pounds! Salt Bay should cheat at the table. “


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