February 2, 2023

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Salt Bay returned to Turkey to reunite with his mother after not seeing each other for two years Nusret Gökçe | Stories | Viral Video | Instagram | Nnda | nnni | The world

In scenes, but in a different way. Saturday, December 18, He did not share a video of himself cutting meat or adding salt using his Instagram account, but rather emotionally reunited with his mother Fatma Kokே in Turkey. This appointment is special because they did not see each other two years ago; However, the criticism did not last long. Users have not questioned why she lives so modestly when charging up to $ 2,000 for gold-plated meat or why she did not remove her traditional sunglasses to share indoors.

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From Nusret Cox Opened the Nusr-Et Steakhouse restaurant in London, famous for its weird technique of salting meat, not only did he stop raising all sorts of criticism on Trip Advisor, he also covered the food with golden leaves, giving the diners a certain amount of time they had to eat, or their staff Many have complained that $ 13 did not accept the tips.

Video with his mother

In the midst of questions, Salt Bay He went to Turkey to see his mother and shared it all in an Instagram video where he highlighted the great warmth he gave her when he saw her two years later, and how not to laugh emotionally.

In the pictures you can see them sitting on a sofa and talking comfortably, and the house seemed somewhat modest. “I saw my mother two years later”, Is the description of the record.

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Criticism of Salt Bay for their reunion

The 38-year-old chef became famous through a viral video on social media where he processed steaks. From that moment his fame ‘flew’ Now there are 15 restaurants in the best cities of the world like Dubai, Miami or London, where celebrities like Connor McGregor, PDT, David Beckham and Leonardo DiCaprio go. This led him to create a millionaire fortune.

Precisely because of this detail, many have suggested that the negative comments did not take long to reconnect with his mother. Salt Bay Have to spend a new home for her.

“You have so much money, how can you not live in your mother’s house?” “After 2 years ?? Why ?? ”,“ Why don’t you buy a nice house for your parents. Now you are rich !! “And” she did not see that her son had so much money, she did not see her, he made her stay in a house like this “, Some highlights from .

However, there were positive and congratulatory comments for her reunion emotionally, saying that it could take two years to see her due to the Kovit-19 epidemic, and the simple act of hugging and smiling at her already says a lot about her happiness, thus being praised. The closest bond he appears to share with his mother.

Nusret Cox, Known as Salt BayHe began working as a butcher’s culinary assistant at the age of 14, which helped build the millionaire empire he enjoys today. He was the son of Fike Coke, a coal miner, and he lived in poverty for most of his childhood and adolescence so he could not attend primary school. Due to the family financial crisis, he had to look for various jobs from a young age.

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How Salt Bay was in the past

A few weeks ago, Nusred Coke showed off an old photo using his official account on Instagram. He is also known around the world for adding salt to his meat, but also for his monochromatic clothing with his sunglasses and mickey tie.

However, the film allows his fans to get an idea of ​​how he has changed over time. The photo was taken 23 years ago and posed before the sea in 1998. It does not look like his usual white shirt and black pants, but with a dark t-shirt and jeans with print on the front. In addition, Salt Bay was not seen tying his hair on the trademark ponytail.

Who is Salt Bay?

Born in Salt Bay Ersuram (Turkey) and of Kurdish descent. He left early due to financial problems and started over Worked as a butcher shop trainer In the Turkish capital at a very young age. He traveled to various countries such as Argentina and the United States and returned to Turkey to open his own restaurant.

He became famous in 2017 through a viral video in which he showed up Meat is a strange way of salting. Since then his popularity and success has grown at the same rate as his bank account. But this Turkish chef is not always the luxury character he is.

In terms of work, he built his empire. In 2014 he came to the luxury city of Dubai, after which he opened his chain of Nasr-Ed restaurants. To almost five continents. Salta Bay has several stores in its own Turkey and has opened in Abu Dhabi, Doha, Miami, New York, Dallas, Boston, Beverly Hills, London and Mykonos.

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Recommended video

Salt Bay was the most famous Turkish chef in the world, who started a humble job as a butcher and was able to create the millionaire empire he enjoys today. In the following video, we will tell you a little more about him, which is undoubtedly the way he cuts meat and makes it more expensive to dine at his restaurant.