May 30, 2023

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Sandra Lindsay | Corona virus in the United States: the first person to receive the Govit-19 vaccine in the United States is now a vaccine activist | Description | EC stories | The world

He accidentally became famous for the vaccine. Because adored , New York nurse Sandra Lindsay has become a key figure in the nation’s largest vaccination campaign in history.

He also promotes scenes at panels, zoom down halls and other events.

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“I encourage people to talk to experts who can answer their questions to access credible science. I let them know that asking questions is okay., he said Lindsay, Speaker at events USA and Jamaica, Where she comes from.

Lindsay He was vaccinated on December 14 last year, when it was widely aired on television To us He began his vaccination effort. First shipment of vaccines a few days ago after receiving emergency use approval from the Food and Drug Administration COVID-19 They had come to hospitals for high-risk health workers.

It was a tough time Lindsay, Who meticulously saw its impact COVID-19 At Northwell Health Long Island Jewish Medical Center in Queens.

Nurse Sandra Lindsay after vaccination. (Photo: AP).

“I felt broken, defeated, tired and exhausted.”Lindsay, the hospital’s director of intensive care, said. “The biggest loss of life, witness to the loss of livelihood.”

Northwell Health volunteers were asked to receive injections, and Lindsay said she was “the first” to raise her hand. The moment aired on television and became the first American to receive the vaccine outside of a clinical trial.

Since then, Lindsay has been recognized by President Biden as “the best American by choice.” U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Program, which recognizes citizenship.

With arrival Omigron variant And new enhancements across the country, Lindsay continues to address fears and misinformation. Some people mistakenly believe that vaccines are not necessary if you eat properly and exercise, Lindsay said. Others say vaccines are a way for the government to monitor people or an experiment with black people.

Sandra Lindsay is a celebrity now.  (Photo: AP).
Sandra Lindsay is a celebrity now. (Photo: AP).

I just agree with the distrust in color communities that has emerged from past history. But he assures people that he did his own research before getting the vaccine and that safety measures are in place.

“Millions and millions of people around the world have been vaccinated without significant adverse events.”, he said.

It also emphasizes that vaccination can help protect others.

It may be easier to address some concerns, such as the fear of needles, he said.

Nurse Sandra Lindsay received recognition from US President Joe Biden.  (Photo: AP).
Nurse Sandra Lindsay received recognition from US President Joe Biden. (Photo: AP).

Lindsay expressed her condolences to the 9-year-old girl who was receiving the vaccine at the hospital after the children qualified for the vaccine. Since she was not a pediatric nurse, she had to refuse the little girl’s request for vaccination, but he offered to take her by the hand, and she did.

Then, Lindsay He received a letter from the woman explaining how meaningful the gesture was.

Looking back, Lindsay said she was grateful for the role she was able to play: “It’s so nice to hear people come to me and say ‘thank you so much.’ You encouraged me to get vaccinated.

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