March 29, 2023

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Up to S / 18,400 of the funds you hold in the AFP will receive a new return, and members of the Private Pension System (SPP) will have to take into account the deadline for filing that sixth refund. This is the table, so you have no setbacks.

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Act no. 31478 was issued on May 21, 2022 and the operating procedures were announced on May 31 by the Superintendent of Banking, Insurance and AFPs (SBS). In the official gazette El Peruano.

Allows up to four withdrawals To the subsidiaries of its pension fund with the aim of coping with the economic crisis derived from the corona virus epidemic, which has increased the prices of fuels and basic necessities due to the war between Russia and Ukraine. The move will benefit more than eight million people.

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What is the payment schedule for the sixth withdrawal of AFP funds?

Contributors can request optional and extraordinary withdrawals of up to 4 tax units (UIT) equivalent to S / 18,400 soles from their personal capital accounts. Bank Surveillance, Insurance and AFPs (SBS) have indicated that applications can be submitted from June 13 and deposited from July 13. This will be the table.

  • Part One: A UIT (S / 4,600) 30 days after the request is submitted.
  • Part II: 30 days after delivery of the first payment of a UIT (S / 4,600).
  • Part Three: Two UIT (S / 9,200) 30 days after second delivery.
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Person withdrawing money from AFP at an ATM (Photo: Antenna)

What happens if I make a request, but no longer want to withdraw money from AFP?

If the subsidiary decides to stop withdrawing its funds from its personal capital account, he can request up to 10 calendar days of three transfers from the AFP before the scheduled date. The AFP must respond to the request through the procedures that allow for registration.

If I have debt, will it be deducted from what I received from my AFP?

Withdrawal of funds maintains a precarious position and cannot be subject to any offense by waiver, legal or contractual compensation or judicial or executive order. In the case of a food loan, you can only get a maximum discount of up to 30% on the repayment.

What happens if I live abroad?

AFPs establish communication protocols for those living abroad or who are physically disabled, so that their request can be submitted through channels and forms implemented for this purpose.

How many abnormal withdrawals of approved AFPs have been reported in infectious diseases?

The Peruvian state has approved the withdrawal of five more AFP funds since the outbreak began. These are:

  1. Emergency Order 034-2020, On April 1, 2020, they established a one-time extraordinary withdrawal system of up to 2,000 feet from their Personal Capital Account (CIC). Followed by at least six months. Delivered in April.
  2. Act 31017, April 6, 2020, authorizes the withdrawal of up to 25% of the total funds accumulated in your personal capital account on a voluntary and extraordinary basis equivalent to 1 UIT.
  3. A new extraordinary deviation from the AFP has been added for those entering the Perfect Labor Suspension (SLP), with the exception of the population universe included in Emergency Order 038-2020, DU 034-2020 of April 13, 2020. It facilitates withdrawals up to S / 2,000 from the Personal Capital Account (CIC).
  4. Act No. 31068 of November 4, 2020 authorized SPP subsidiaries who have no proof of pension contribution for at least twelve months in the personal capital account up to October 31, 2020, and can withdraw up to 4 UIT at will. Total of your accumulated funds. This rule does not apply to those who qualify for an early retirement plan for unemployment.
  5. Act No. 31192 of May 6, 2021 authorized all members of the personal pension fund management body to voluntarily withdraw up to 4 UIT of the total funds accumulated in their personal capital account. This does not apply to those who are eligible for an early retirement plan for unemployment.