August 11, 2022

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Sheila Selione: Woman Who Died Alone in 2019, No One Noticed Until 2022 | United Kingdom | England | London | Description | EC Stories | the world

The lifeless body of a 61-year-old woman, Sheila Selyon, who worked as a medical secretary, was found by the police at her residence. In February this year. Authorities were able to verify that the woman had been dead for several years as the body decomposed.

According to the English newspaper ‘The Daily Mail’, in late 2019 residents of the building reported a very strong stench coming from the apartment of a sixty-year-old man. However, there is no extraordinary effort. The company that owns the building to find out what happened to the apartment.

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In the investigation conducted by the authorities into the death of Chelyon, Peabody Housing attempted to contact the tenant once before turning off the gas as the only solution.

“We have apologized to the family. We’re very sorry for what happened,” said Ian McDermott, CEO of Peabody Housing, the real estate company that owns the building.

The Medical Secretary has not been seen since August 2019, The Daily Mail reported. The last active transaction recorded in his bank account was at the same time he paid the value of his rent to Peabody through a savings account. hope

The first alarms sounded when the woman did not show up for a previously scheduled medical appointment.

Is Peabody Housing negligent?

In the month of September 2019, The person who lived directly below Sheila’s apartment warned Real about the presence of worms, flies and a putrid smell. However, at Peabody they told him that the company responsible for pest control was not looking at these types of pests.

Subsequently, a notice was sent to Sheila Selyon’s apartment about her neighbor’s foul smell. Getting no response, they decided to cut off the gas as the only course of action.

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“It’s incredibly sad and we’re very sorry for not being supportive enough,” McDermott told the English press.

Also, Admin Peabody Housing confirmed that protocols for contacting residents will be changed Because of the crisis they faced with Selyon’s death.

Unfortunately, due to the extent of the body’s decomposition, medical examiners were unable to determine the sex’s cause of death.