December 4, 2022

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Sinaloa Cartel: ‘El Zero’ Palma, partner of ‘El Sappo Guzman’, may be released after serving more than 25 years in prison | Mexico | Latest News | The world

, One of the founders Next e On May 4 he was released for a few seconds, however, when he was released from El Aldiblano prison, federal agents detained him on a new charge. Now, he has been in a Mexican government prison for more than two months.

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Rogelio Palma, One of his sons gave an exclusive interview to Univision to ask the President Andres Manuel Lopez Obratos (AMLO) To free his father to join his family.

“All I ask is, as a son, to put yourself in my shoes. He has already been paid and is under investigation. They call him a murderer. What murders did he commit? where are you? “, ‘El Zero’ asked Palma’s son.

According to Rogelio, his father was a man “Who has feelings” Should get a second chance after getting out of jail.

“My dad never told me who they were. This is not a monster because they classify it as a monster and pretend. He has feelings, he feels ”, Added.

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‘El Zero’ Palma He was arrested in June 1995 in Jalisco, extradited to the United States in 2007, where he pleaded guilty to importing cocaine in a federal court in California and was sentenced to 16 years in prison. He was released two decades later for his good behavior in prison.

The United States Immigration and Customs Service (ICE) has handed over a drug trafficker to Mexican authorities in Tamaulipas. He was re-arrested for a pending offense and was held in the El Aldiplano prison in the state of Mexico until a few weeks ago.

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‘El Zero’ Palma’s lawyers were able to get a judge to acquit him of an organized criminal charge and ordered his immediate release. However, AMLO asked them to transfer him to the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) Detention Center as they found out. “No vague complaint.”

‘El Sappo’ Guzman and ‘El Zero’ Palma founded the Sinaloa cartel with Ismail ‘El Mayo’ Sambada. (AFP)

Rogelio Palma said he was one year old when his father was arrested in Japoben when the plane on which he was traveling crashed.

“I knew him when he was in prison. I have seen him in prison all my life. As a child, I have no memory of leaving freely ”, The son of a drug trafficker finished.

Fear of the arrival of ‘El Zero’ Palma

‘El Zero’ Palma Served as a bodyguard Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo, One of the founders of the missing Guadalajara poster, Then took control of drug trafficking from Sonora. There he met ‘El Chapo’ Guzman And joined forces, and ‘Mayo’ Sambada ‘, forms what is now known Sinaloa poster.

Ann Mexico They are afraid to say yes ‘El Zero’ Palma He is free to return to drug trafficking. One of his acquaintances had already done: his former partner in arms, Rafael Caro Quintero Placeholder Image, Who returned to illegal activities after his release from prison in 2013; Today it is one of the most loved by the DEA.

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