March 25, 2023

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Solidarity income and Bono 500 in Colombia: What does social prosperity say about benefits? | Answers

He Unity Income 2023 And this Bonus 500 thousand pesos Two of the most important grants of Colombia of Gustavo Pedro. These economic supports raise doubts as to who are the real beneficiaries of these social programs that seek to alleviate the severe crisis the country is experiencing as a result of the pandemic and various other problems the world is facing. Increase in price of basic family basket.

That is why in this post we will answer this question and provide you with more information about popular grants in the country of coffee.

Who collects 2023 Solidarity income and Colombia 500 thousand bonus

According to various media ColombiaTarget audience Unity income And this Bonus 500 thousand pesosAfter adjusting the amounts, the target is for all people who have received money from the schemes Department of Social Prosperity ie Active Families, Active Youth, among others.

The amount received by the beneficiaries of Solidarity Income 2023 and Bono 500 thousand pesos from Colombia is, as its name suggests, $500,000.

Now, what is the difference between the two state schemes? According to the Colombian president, Gustavo Pedropointed out that Bonus 500 thousand pesos It was given only till December 31, 2022 And it mainly reached out to mothers, heads of households, so that “not only could they rise above what statisticians call the poverty line, but they could bring food to their children and protect them from malnutrition.”

For its part, Solidarity Income fulfills another purpose and is for those registered in SISBÉN IV.

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What is the solidarity income and bonus of 500 thousand pesos

program Unity income Implemented by the national government Colombia To respond to the social consequences of the epidemic in Colombian households. Thanks to the Social Investment Law, Prosperidad Social was able to run the project until 2022.

program Unity income Priority households registered in extreme poverty status in SISBÉN IV (Group A). 64.13% of households receiving cash transfers are represented by female heads.

Be part of the plan Colombia’s Unity Income No intermediaries or registrations required. The entire process was carried out by updating the SISBÉN IV survey.

He Unity income As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the various crises that have engulfed the country and the entire world, it has been created and designed for people and families who are in a vulnerable situation in this regard, which has left a scar. Price increases in the basic basket affect not only Colombia, but the entire planet.

He The bond is 500 thousand Colombian pesosFor its part, this is the first grant announced under the signature of Gustavo Pedro, after he announced the end of some of his promotions during Ivan Dug’s government.

“A bonus, $500,000 instead of $80,000, makes it possible for today’s non-pensioner to cross the poverty line”said Gustavo Pedro Also added

“There are three million seniors, and that multiplied by $500,000 clearly indicates a pension reform. That is, a part of the contributions remaining in private funds enters the colpensions, which creates a pillar system “The leader explained Colombia During the possession of 7 new officials of his government.

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Economic benefits will be given to mothers who are heads of households as target audience.