November 27, 2022

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Solidarity income payments in September 2022: requirements and how to access | Answers

There is great expectation about it , the payment period corresponding to September and October begins. According to the President of , Gustavo Petro, the beneficiaries of this grant will see their bonus increase, this request is yet to be fulfilled. That is why in this note we will explain how to access this economic advantage and what requirements you must meet.

The Unity income It’s not for everyone ColombiansBeing clear is important as beneficiaries Solidarity income in Colombia They are households with limited economic resources in the SISBÉN database, which classifies households by their “capacity to generate income and quality of life” according to the National Planning Department.

Recipient families Unity income Not entitled to receive other social benefits Colombia Families in activities such as sales tax compensation or the Elderly Protection Program, active youth, Colombia Mayor.

Next, how to access it and what are the requirements to access it Unity income of Colombia In September, more information you should take into account regarding this important and popular economic grant.

How to access Solidarity Income 2022 September

This grant Colombia It has a uniqueness that other social welfare in the country can take advantage of. First, access Unity income, it is important to know your score and position in SISBÉN. In collaboration with the Department of National Planning (DNP), both offices have developed improved information on families in need of support, excluding beneficiaries of other cash transfer schemes, through other databases such as PILA and pensioners. Vulnerability detected.

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to access Unity income You must have approval at SISBÉN, if you do not have it, you cannot proceed with the process.

If your score and status are favorable, collect Unity incomeTo collect money from the scheme for the month of September and October, you need to enter the web portal And check if the option is active, for this you need to have all the data of the resident card in hand.

Remember that Unity income Fees are charged through digital wallets or money orders regardless of whether they have bank accounts or not. The best ways to pay include Nequi, Daviplata, Bancamía, Moviei and more than a dozen banks that offer this service to those with banking services.

Colombia Over 27,000 points activated Colombia, to pay this fee; For this reason, it is important that you physically present the ID when doing so.

What are the requirements to access Solidarity Income 2022?

As mentioned above, the first requirement is to be a beneficiary Unity income of Colombia Potential beneficiaries of social programs of Colombia. This is the first filter to identify the most vulnerable families who can receive this subsidy from the state.

program Colombian of Unity income No records or drawings will be accepted to announce who can receive this grant. The selection of potential beneficiaries is made only through the information registered in SISBÉN.

The second and last requirement for accessibility Unity income Not receiving other social benefits Colombia Families in activities such as sales tax compensation or the Elderly Protection Program, active youth, Colombia Mayor.

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If you meet all the requirements, you can find your score by following these steps:

1. Enter Page: ()

2. Select the type of document – enter the ID number

3. Click on Advice

On the other hand, households who want to be part of the new SISBÉN IV survey and are not yet registered should practically make the request by entering it on the official website of the District Planning Secretariat. On the Suggestions tab – SISBÉN button – click on ‘Request a survey for the first time’ and ‘Registration request enter a new Sisbén Bogotá survey’.

What is the amount of 2022 Solidarity income?

Its beneficiaries amount Unity income Inside Colombia It is different for each group that is part of the register created by SISBÉN to identify the most vulnerable families.

In addition, it should be taken into account that the allocated amount for this month is different from other months, since they have had a minimum increase since cycles 28 and 29. Unity incomeRelating to deposits for July and August.

payment Unity income Varies from 400,000 to 520,000 pesos ColombiansDepending on the group they belong to.

What is the Solidarity income in Colombia 2022?

Unity income Initially it was designed to work for the benefit of the most needy Colombia. Thanks to the Social Investment Act passed by Congress ColombianAnd approved by Ivan Duque, will implement the Social Prosperity Program until 2022. Therefore, the Social Investment Act increases the coverage of the program, which will go from 3 million to 4 million 85 thousand beneficiary families starting in March and April 2022.

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The program is giving priority to families living in extreme poverty in SISBÉN IV (Group A). This target will allow at least 30% of households to be female. 64.13% of households already receiving remittances are represented by female heads.