October 7, 2022

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Solidarity income payments in September 2022: who will collect 400 thousand pesos on Monday | Answers

Here’s a new twist ! This Wednesday, September 21, the Social Prosperity page through its official channels informed that the subsidy will be transferred to beneficiaries on the Sisban IV register from next Monday, September 26, 2022. On this note According to the DPS (Department of Social Welfare) report, check who collects the cash assistance from the Colombian government and where the points are where it is paid.

VEA | Check out the official link for Social Wealth to see Unity Income Payments

As we know, the This is a grant created in 2020 in Colombia as a result of the coronavirus pandemic in the world. This financial assistance is designed for families in vulnerable situations. To be part of the list of beneficiaries, you must be identified (A system for identifying potential beneficiaries of social projects). Over the years, the grant changed not only in the form of payments, but also in the amount, all under the administration of former President Ivan Duke.

How can I check if I am a beneficiary of Solidarity Income?

First, before doing so, it is important to know if you belong to the group of beneficiaries of Colombia’s solidarity income. SisbonIt’s together (DNP) developed updated information on families in need of support.

If you want to know what your Sisbén score is, you should follow these steps:

  • Enter page: www.sisben.gov.co.
  • Select the type of document – enter the ID number
  • Click on Advice

In addition, we know that one of the most frequent questions that Colombian citizens ask themselves is ‘how to know if I am a beneficiary’ of the Solidarity income in 2022. Well, we tell you that the first thing you need to do is enter the official website. Consult with the Department of Social Welfare and ID if you are among the beneficiaries. Official Link: .

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Date of payment of solidarity income in September 2022

According to the official information of Social Prosperity: “ September and October payments of solidarity income for families of more than 3.5 million beneficiaries,” says the official website of the government agency.

When do unbanked houses collect unity income?

, which will notify you of the presence of evidence in your registered account. From Tuesday, September 27 to October 11, unbanked households will access resources through SuperGIROS and its network of partners operating across the country.

How do I know if I am on the Community Prosperity List?

We tell you in advance that you do not need to register to enter the beneficiaries of the Solidarity income, because it is the responsibility of SISBÉN, which is in charge of classifying the potential beneficiaries of the grant. For more questions on this topic, you can enter the official page of DPS: .

What is the amount paid by Social Welfare 2022?

This benefit is bimonthly, so its payment varies from 400,000 to 435,000 pesos. The disbursement of money is conditional on the perpetuity of the scheme.

Check where to collect the next Solidarity income 2022

Regardless of having bank accounts or not. Best ways to pay include Nequi, Daviplata, Bancamía, Moviei and a dozen banks that offer this service to those with banking services.

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What does the Table of Values ​​for Solidarity Income Payments Say?

The official website of Social Prosperity reports: “The national government has arranged for an additional payment of 1.6 billion pesos ($1,629,531,650,000) for these two cycles. A differential payment will be maintained: the transfer depends on the number of family members and the Sisbén IV classification group. The values ​​were adjusted in the following way.

  • Group A with 1 person: 420 thousand pesos.
  • Group A with 2 or more people: 435 thousand pesos.
  • Group B with 1 person: 410 thousand pesos.
  • Group B with 2 or more persons: 420 thousand pesos:
  • Without Cispen IV: 400 thousand pesos.