June 3, 2023

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Spain | A city in Spain offers free work and housing: What are the requirements to apply | Greeks | Teruel | The world

A city Started a creative search for young citizens through a campaign on social networks, with the idea of ​​resettling the place. It’s about Grigos, located in the Sierra de Albarazin in the province of Derwell, where residents increasingly want to attract more families with adults and children.

“Children are needed. Homes are almost free and parents work “, Refers to the advertising they create among young and old to keep the school open Avoid overcrowding. As pointed out by the video released by the Greek City Council, this opportunity is open to families with children whose parents are employed in the local hospitality industry.

After three months of free rent, the family has to pay 225 euros a month to live in one of the Greek houses.. In addition, 50 euros will be deducted from this value for each school-age child. Authorities aim to reach 12 students at the school and avoid closing classrooms due to a shortage of children. Thus, with only nine students coming so far, teachers can divide students into two classrooms.

Authorities received more than 3,000 applications from people who wanted to move to the area. (Video recording).

The official announcement shows two women communicating, one preventing his girlfriend from leaving town. “Will more children come?” Instead he interrogates one of them before expressing his idea in order to attract more guys.

Jobs “Kitchen Work and Couple Restaurant”. In addition, they point out that in the city located in the square “the family will also have the option of managing a newly renovated hotel”. Another job opportunity at this location is the city’s “using co-workers, teleworking with fiber”.

Applicants and families interested in moving to Spain They can do so by sending a video with family members via WhatsApp to 618 540 361. Explain the family situation they are going through, link to the parents’ professional curriculum and wait until the authorities contact the applicant.

The project created a flood of interested parties from both Europe and Latin America who wanted to live in Greece. More than two families will be leaving the city soon, according to city council officials 3000 applicants who have already applied for the offer, So the vacancies are minimal.

Grigos has a population of 132 and is the second tallest city in Spain.  (Video recording).
Grigos has a population of 132 and is the second tallest city in Spain. (Video recording).

According to official data, The Greeks have 132 registered people It is also the second highest city in Spain, at 1604 meters, covered by mountains and mesmerizing areas.

After knowing the interest generated by the job and population opportunity, Salvador Gill, mayor of Greece, Explained from this situation They will try to make it “more attractive” The city is improving hotel facilities to attract tourism “for future clients and potential managers”.


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