March 25, 2023

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Spain | Daniel Gagarin and Emma Munconen: Coach dies while trying to save his friend | EC stories | Video | The world

Two authors, Daniel Gagarin, 23, and Emma Munconen, 24 Exercise Alicante (Spain) People enjoying a day at Dorevija beach.

They were both with a third person. Many media outlets agree that this is the wife Kagarin. Anyway, he decided to shoot a ‘stunt’ scene: Emma I’m going to do a certain maneuver At sea.

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It happened on September 23rd.

The water rose up and ran towards the shore with extraordinary force. Big waves formed in moments and at great frequency. One after the other.

Then tragedy happened.

According to local Spanish media, Emma’s maneuver did not work out and she was done Fall into the water.

DanielSeeing what was predicted to be a terrible tragedy, he helped them. However, he also succumbed to severe waves.

As seen in the video, viral on social networks, Emma made inhumane attempts to catch the edge of the rocks, but the water prevented her from doing so. Daniel Achieved some balance on one surface, though not for long: strong movement of the ocean Pulled it too.

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The woman in the shoot screamed for help, now out of the water, frightened as Daniel grabbed Emma’s hand and tried to climb over a rock.

Suddenly a heart scream sounded: a big wave carried both Emma and Daniel. When the woman turned to focus the camera on the rock, nothing was left.

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nobody is here

They were missing.

Rescue crews began searching for the youth. The horrific video was discovered a few hours after it was filmed Emma’s bodyIt was revealed that the identified person was from Finland.

It still took 24 hours to find Daniel. When identified, he was known to be of Russian descent.

Authorities determined the cause of death Drowning. The identity of the person who recorded the footage is not yet known.

The truth is, images have turned social networks. Internet users in all countries expressed their condolences for this unfortunate event.


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