December 4, 2022

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Spain plans to allow thousands of foreigners to work legally in the country | the world

Government of It is implementing a draft to reform a regulation that opens up new opportunities for foreigners to work legally, although this does not mean a total regularization of their situation, but is a preliminary step to facilitate economic income for nearly half a million illegal immigrants. They live in a European country.

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The Ministry of Absorption, Social Security and Migration is promoting immigration law reform with the aim of integrating thousands of foreign workers into the labor market. The move aims to fill vacancies in sectors where labor shortages and bottlenecks hamper the operation of companies including transport, construction, hotels and software developers.

Many people wait to enter Asca employment office in Madrid, Spain on July 4, 2022.

Among the innovations in the draft, the possibility of foreign students getting a job stands out, in addition to measures to simplify the bureaucratic process of obtaining the necessary documents to present themselves in job vacancies.

According to official data, SpainWith one of the highest unemployment rates in the euro zone (13.65%), there are 109,056 unfilled jobs and 69% of employers report difficulty filling vacancies.

This reform will help to improve a situation that already prevails in the country: the majority of adults in informal administrative situations work especially in household activities – 27% – and hospitality – 24% -. NGO organization Por Causa.

The Minister of Inclusion, Social Protection and Migration, José Luis Escriva, said that this reform “responds to the need to create a national consensus, as other countries in our environment have done in recent years, which allows us to solve medium-term problems. Forgetting immediate residuals” and “population Building a consensus” that will help meet the challenge and guarantee the sustainability of our welfare state.

“These changes will aim to make legal migration authorization more flexible, as the current system does not respond to the needs of the labor market,” the official added.

Not enough

There are those who are critical of the reform because they fear the government “tool” Spanish media reported that migrants agree to recognize their rights only for strictly economic reasons General.

Jobs with the most vacancies in Spain include hotels, transport, construction, etc.
Jobs with the most vacancies in Spain include hotels, transport, construction, etc.

On the other hand, organizations and institutions dedicated to improving the living conditions of immigrants and refugees Recommends more ambitious reform It includes “relaxation of requirements for family reunification of immigrants, improvement of visas for job seekers and the facilitation of the reintegration into the labor market of applicants for international protection such as asylum”, the EFE agency described.

system It provided contributions to the government’s draft through a statutory report, along with other institutions, which considered the reform “an opportunity and has positive aspects”.

However, it raises the need to go further from the amendment that “these people should be recognized as full citizens beyond the market situation. Labor” as “the idea of ​​linking immigration and the labor market continues to be strengthened”.

A recent report on the extraordinary regularization of migrants by the NGO estimates that between 475,000 and 514,000 undocumented migrants live in Spain, an increase of 16% over the past year. Among this group, the majority are Latin Americans, women, youth and children. Only 11% of irregular migrants are African.

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