December 4, 2022

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Spain will give the green light to its plan to allow thousands of foreigners to work legally in the country. Who is eligible? | Migration to Spain | Immigration Regulations | Work abroad | the world

Government of It will approve a regulation on Tuesday that will open up new opportunities for foreigners to work legally in the country. The Council of State has already sent its favorable opinion to the Royal Decree and the Council of Ministers has to support it on July 26. Once published, it will come into effect in 20 days.

with Change of Immigration regulations, Spain It seeks to facilitate and integrate thousands of migrants into the labor market.

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Objectives of reform Improving employment from birth, regularizing immigrants, allowing foreign students to work, and simplifying requirements to work as an employee.

Thus, the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration Spain Proposes relaxation of current requirements for obtaining residence and work permits Includes growing vacancies in the Spanish labor market.

There are a total of 109,056 unfilled jobs in Spain. According to the Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (Sephaim). Additionally, the country registers one The unemployment rate is the highest in the euro zone, at 13.65%, and according to official data, 69% of employers are struggling to fill job vacancies.

There are a total of 109,056 unfilled jobs in Spain, according to the Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (Cepyme). / Sebastien Berta / AFP.

fields like Lack of qualified workers in construction, hospitality or industry Their vacancies should be filled. Reform will require immigrants to fill vacant posts in these and other areas.

As for Peru, according to the statistics of 2021, about 253,000 compatriots live in Spain, one percent of whom are irregular.

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According to El País newspaper, the project aims to hire low, medium and high-skilled workers who are still in their country and find it more difficult to join Spanish companies under current regulations.

In addition, with the new regulation Foreign students They can combine their studies with a job and are more flexible to offer papers with very simple projects for foreign entrepreneurs.

El País explained that a new figure is being created to regularize migrants and remove them from the informal labor market: Rooting through formation. This route allows legal residence in Spain For a foreigner who has already lived irregularly in the country for two years and is trained in a labor-intensive field. After completing the training, you can get a work permit if you get a contract.

The hotel industry is one of the most labor intensive sectors in Spain.  (Jaime Quinn/AFP).
The hotel industry is one of the most labor intensive sectors in Spain. (Jaime Quinn/AFP).

Under labor settlement systemThe new regulations require foreigners to have stayed in Spain for at least two years and to have worked regularly or irregularly for an authorized six-month period.

In the case social roots, Three years of residence in Spain must be proven and have family ties or provide a statement proving their entry into the community, but at least a one-year contract.

Self-employment by foreigners, currently subject to many requirements and high investments, will be further facilitated.

The reform does not handle official statistics, but the Ministry of Regional Policy, which relies on immigration offices, expects hundreds of thousands of new regularization applications.

Once the reform was confirmed, the It currently has a comprehensive list of all types of jobs.

What are the most in-demand jobs in Spain:

  • Transportation
  • building
  • Campo
  • game
  • Hospitality
  • Maritime
  • Software development
The construction industry in Spain is in high demand.  (PIERRE-PHILIPPE MARCOU / AFP).
The construction industry in Spain is in high demand. (PIERRE-PHILIPPE MARCOU / AFP).

How are the practices today?

Before the Reformation Immigration Rules, Obtaining a work permit in Spain is a basic requirement Start the practice from outside the country. But if immigrants have been living in Spain for more than three years in an irregular situation, they can apply for a work permit through a process called arrigo.

There is also the option of wanting to work as a student in Spain. In that case, a work permit must be processed to meet the continuous requirements after staying in the country on a student visa for three consecutive years.

But If you are a foreigner and want to live in SpainThere are currently two options for obtaining a work permit: For rent or self employment.

Balcells Group Law Firm explains how procedures:

Work permit

Depending on the situation and the type of benefit offered to the employee, there are different ones Allowing you to live legally in Spain:

  • Regular work permit, Must be claimed from country of birth. The Spanish employer must initiate the legal process.
  • If you have one You can start the process Spain. This visa is given to those who get an offer as a manager or any other technical position and earn more than 40,000 euros per year.
  • As with the Qualified Professional Visa, you have This allows you to work throughout the European Union.

Working Job:

  • Find a job offer from an employer willing to hire the person and begin the application process.
  • Must not be within Spanish territory during the application process.
  • Make sure the job category is in the job shortage list.


  • Do not be in Spain during the application process.
  • Have good grades and academic training.
  • Prove adequate financing for your business.
  • Present a detailed business plan.
  • Submit a Feasibility Assessment Report for the project.
  • Register as self-employed in Spain.
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