February 9, 2023

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St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s Day: A Look at Why Every June 29 Celebrates Religious Descendants | Holidays 2021 | பெரு nnda-nnlt | Answers

Like every year, this marks June 29th , A religious holiday in memory of the two apostles. Likewise, Fisherman’s Day is celebrated as usual across the Peruvian coast.

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In the Christian calendar, the date of commemoration of the sacrifices of Simon Peter and Paul of Tarsus is the two apostles who accompanied Christ in his evangelistic ministry.

Historical and exegetical analyzes indicate that St. Peter and St. Paul died in Rome under Nero, and according to Catholic tradition, June 29 was the year of their death or the year their monuments were replaced.

Why St. Puntarenas and St. Paul’s Day every June 29th?

On June 29, the Loneliness of St. Peter and St. Paul, The day on which the Christian virtues of two of the greatest and most recognized apostles who defended the gospel with their lives were recognized. They are celebrated on the same date for the following reasons:

They are the founders of the Church of Rome

After the resurrection and ascension of Christ, Peter took charge as the head of the church, guiding the apostles and seeing the disciples keep the faith alive. Recognized as an apostle to the Gentiles, Paul tirelessly preached the good news to the Mediterranean nations throughout his life.

They are the spiritual column of the Church

A.C.I. According to Prinza, in 2015, Pope Francis, St. Peter, St. Paul and the Virgin Mary “became our fellow travelers in search of God; They are our guide in the path of faith and holiness; They are pushing us to Jesus to do whatever He asks of us. ”

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They both suffered in Rome

St. Peter and St. Paul were arrested and martyred in the Mamertine prison, also known as the Precision, located in ancient Rome. St. Peter was crucified in 64 and put his head down at his request because he did not consider himself worthy to die like Jesus. He was buried on Vatican Hill and St. Peter’s Basilica is built over his tomb.

St. Paul was beheaded three years later. He was buried in Rome, in the Basilica outside the walls outside St. Paul.

They are the patrons of Rome and the representatives of the gospel

In 2012, Pope Benedict XVI called these two apostles “primary patrons of the Church of Rome.” “Christian tradition has always considered St. Peter and St. Paul inseparable: together, they represent the whole gospel of Christ,” he noted.

They are the opposite version of Cain and Abel

That year, while honoring St. Peter and St. Paul, the Pope presented a parallel to the Old Testament fraternity between Cain and Abel.

Benedict XVI Benedict XVI says: “The first biblical brothers show the effect of sin, by which Cain kills Abel, Peter, and Paul. A real way of acting.

Who is San Pedro?

Peter, the fragile and passionate friend of Jesus, was the man chosen by Christ to be the “rock” of the Church. He moved from Jerusalem to Antioch and founded his Christian community. He later established his home in Rome. He humbly accepted his mission until he died a martyr. His tomb at St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican is the target of millions of pilgrims from around the world.

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Who is San Pablo?

Paul, who persecuted Christians, was called Saul of Tarsus before his conversion. After his meeting with Christ, he continued to be baptized in Damascus. He is recognized as an apostle to the Gentiles, Is a model of the evangelist for all Catholics, because after meeting Jesus, he preached the gospel throughout his life.