March 29, 2023

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Starling prepares to enter Peru: What was Internet service entry like in Chile, Mexico and the US? | Comments for and against | SpaceX Spain | Technology

Satellite Internet Service , Already has the recognition to work in Peru for the next 20 years. Within the framework of its arrival, one of the most criticized points by the public was the total cost of obtaining the service, which exceeded the initial fee of US $ 700.

But what specialty magazines say about price Starling? El Comrizio contacted technicians from Chile, the United States and Mexico to answer this question. Elon Musk.

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How does Starlink work in Mexico, Chile and the United States?

Welcome to Starling In Mexico it was mixed. I have heard of issues related to connectivity and stabilityXataka said Steve Saldana, a journalist from Mexico. “There is another category that is not used for satellite internet Prices seem high. “.

The spokesman added that he had heard that “satellite internet users” were willing to pay the price. Starling; They have become loyal users as the speed provided by Starling is not competitive with other competitors already in the country.

Steve Saldana is a Mexican journalist from Xataka Mexico. / Xataka Mexico

The reception is mixed Chile. “There was great enthusiasm from professionals, small business owners and those living in remote areas, But in a few months interest in Starling waned because of the price; The service was very expensive”, He limited Diego Pastorica, Chile author of the Digital Trends Portal in Spanish.

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However, Service reviews are “positive”, “due to service stability”According to Bastarrica. “Yeah, there have been complaints about interruptions at certain times of the day. Complaints of service interruptions at night. In general, at the user level, the service is more than good.”Came to know.

Starlink is already accredited to work in Peru.
Starlink is already accredited to work in Peru. / Starling

Starling made its debut in late 2020 In the states Joined, Which is why North America has long been established as one of the most enjoyable Internet service providers. That’s why there are so many comments about Elon Musk’s service.

Jose ‘Technophonic’ MufarechA well-known tech-savvy YouTube user based in the United States, Elon Musk’s service has been criticized in the United States for failing to meet its promised pace: “They download 100 to 200 Mbps, it’s not like that”.

However, one possible reason for this is that weather conditions have affected performance, YouTube said, adding that it is best to have clear skies as it is a satellite service.

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Jose 'Technophanatigo' Mufarech.
Jose ‘Technophanatigo’ Mufarech. / tecnofanatico, Instagram

What do you think of Starlink’s prices in Mexico, Chile and the United States?

Although Starling has not yet begun its operations in our country, the approval of the Peruvian government is in its hands, so it is a matter of time before it begins. But experts point out The cost of satellite internet service is its biggest problem.

“The main challenge Starling It is priced. It is more expensive than its competitors, especially when it comes to buying and shipping equipment. It seems to me that Starling has missed the opportunity to defer paying for the purchase of equipment because it is a barrier to entry for many. This is an important issue, even for those who are familiar with satellite internet and have another type of connection, however, the latter do not necessarily have to be Starling’s target audience.Mexican Steve Saldana pointed out.

Starling is available in 32 countries, but plans to enter many more countries.
Starling is available in 32 countries, but plans to enter many more countries. / Starling

The same line follows ‘Technofamatico’, which confirms that the economic problem is a problem for Starling’s proliferation. “Let’s see [en el Perú] The price is competitive because other companies here in the US like Verizon or T-Mobile offer very quick and cheap connections.[a diferencia de Starlink]”.

Diego Pastorica agrees. “In Chile, the price of the installation device is approximately US $ 662, which is US $ 125 higher than it was at the end of 2021; you have to add the shipping cost and the monthly fee. Starling In South America, this will undoubtedly be a major problem for its proliferation. It is important to obtain subsidies, the use of which will greatly increase.

What is Starling and how does Starling differ from fiber optics?

Starling is a service that uses a Satellite network Scattered around the world to make snacks High speed internet And low delay. The project is developed by SpaceXFrom Elon MuskCompany with experience in spacecraft and satellites.

Thanks to a worldwide network of satellites, SpaceX Internet It can reach any part of the world, from large cities to remote and inaccessible areas. Theoretically, the coverage of the service is still in the expansion phase (available until the end of this article) Starling In 32 countries).

Starling is available in 32 countries.  (Photo: Starling)
Starling is available in 32 countries. (Photo: Starling) / Starling

The Internet, on the other hand Starling Sending signal Website By Satellites Low Earth Orbit; Fiber optics is a technology used to transmit information in the form of pulses of light through cables (or wires). Fiber)

In simple terms, Starling Internet Coming from the skySatellites) And thanks to fiber optics cables.


How much does Starling cost?

As we have already mentioned, Starling has not officially announced plans to launch in PeruBut we show service prices in the United States:

Starling standard service

  • Kit price Starling: US $ 599 (one time fee)
  • Shipping costs: US $ 50 (single fee)
  • Monthly price of the service: US $ 110 per month

Starling Premium

  • Kit price Starling: US $ 2,500 (one time fee)
  • Shipping costs: US $ 50 (single fee)
  • Monthly price of the service: US $ 500 per month

How much does Starling cost?

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