November 27, 2022

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Strange cases of punctures in discos in Spain | Europe | ecpm | the world

Everyone’s news They are on full alert before the mysterious stabbings experienced by dozens of women. A mysterious phenomenon of invasion Or parties and toxicology will not leave traces or lead to other crimes. This has already happened in other European countries.

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More than 30 cases have been registered in the two regions. In Spain’s northeast, Catalonia, police officers are investigating 23 complaints, most of them in the tourist town of Lloret de Mar and some in Barcelona.

For its part, police in the northern Basque Country are looking into 12 cases reported in the past two weeks. At the same time, a wave of social networks and pre-announcements from the authorities spread to other regions such as Santander, Cádiz, Malaga, Bilbao and Córdoba.

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Attacked women say they felt the stabbing after talking to a Frenchman at a disco, bar or party. Victims of this phenomenon have reported that their body parts, such as an arm or leg, have fallen asleep, and when they went to medical centers for examination, no foreign objects were found.

These are cases Chemical submission. But as far as is known,—in this strange ‘modus operandi’—there were no records of sexual abuse, robbery or related crime after the puncture. Likewise, no needles were found in the premises where the events took place, and the aggressors were not identified.

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What do the experts say?

I’m afraid the biggest fear mongering here is the media“, required Miriam VenturaAnalytical leader in energy control, according to the most prestigious Spanish pharmaceutical laboratory . “We don’t deny that there are sharp attacks, but the story that they are injecting drugs with syringes in nightclubs seems fictional to us, there are many pieces that don’t fit,” says the expert.

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On the other hand, publications are circulating on social networks explaining what to do if you see a puncture while at one of these shows. Aggressors are believed to provide victims with items such as Benzodiazepines, liquid ecstasy, or ketamine.

A theory that energy control experts reject. “These substances should be administered intramuscularly. This means you need to have a very thick needle and stick several centimeters under the skin. In addition, it must be administered slowly, about 20 seconds, because it is a large volume of liquid. It was a very painful experience.” says Ventura. “How about when someone unknowingly gives you an intramuscular injection while you’re dancing or standing in line? It is unthinkable“, required.

Another recommended item Liquid ecstasy. Because in one of the cases reported in Gijón, a 13-year-old victim tested positive for this substance after an analysis at the Cabueñes Hospital. There is It is colorless, odorless, has a short half-life and high viscosity. Because of this last detail, it is rejected that all events are carried out with this kind of ecstasy, because it takes a lot of time and amount to achieve the condemned effects.

Background and evidence

To date, the Spanish police have no clue about the main motivation behind these attacks on women, and now they have opened all investigations. Officials are asking victims to go to a medical center and report the attack as soon as it happens.

Spain is not the first European country to face this phenomenon, in 2021 this type of attack began to be registered in the United Kingdom, where they baptized it. “needle spikes”, about 1,300 cases were registered. Later it reached France and there were about 800 attacks with the same characteristics. In both countries there was a climate “mental illness” in recent months.

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The attacks in Spain came in early July this year – during the San Fermin festivities in Pamplona – with some eight complaints registered.

As investigations progress, Spanish authorities have introduced several monitoring mechanisms and protocols to treat victims. They also ask for caution so as not to create an alarm in the process.