June 3, 2023

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Struggle in Ecuador | “Our demands should not be confused with acts of political instability”: Interview with Leonidas Isa, leader of the tribal movement

  • Matthias Gibel
  • BBC News World

Image source, Getty Images


Leonidas Isa was the most important leader in the struggles in Ecuador.

Protests against the government of Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso have not stopped and the President of the Federation of Ecuadorian Indigenous Peoples (CONAIE), Leonidas Isa, Still do not rule out a complicated situation.

In an interview with BBC Mundo from Quito, Issa denied government allegations that the aboriginal leadership wanted to remove the president from Corondalet Palace and was linked to the authorities’ struggle and protests against drug trafficking.

Iza promised that the mobilization would seek answers to the 10 points raised by CONAIE, including the freezing of fuel prices, the ban on loans in the financial system and the exploitation of mining in domestic areas.

But the most visible leader of the national strike expected the situation to be out of control because of the lack of responses from the government – which would already be difficult due to the violence and growing shortage on the streets.