December 4, 2022

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Maybe During a violent altercation, a shocked Bahia Blanca () and subject to judicial review. As the case progressed, the victim’s mother’s lawyer, Ignacio Jorge Yazyi, gave an interview in which he revealed the accused’s chilling statements after he shot and killed his cousin Brian Verna. In this case, he assured that the attack carried out by the ex-servicemen was planned and he demanded that it should be converted into a killing spree through this connection.

In conversation with The lawyer continued: “This event occurred in a context Violence ensued between the two, and it lasted for a long time. Brian He lived with his grandfather for many years, who replaced the role of his father. He is a dictatorial man and extortionate, humiliating. Working with him, he lent money with interest. He rushed him and told him he was going to stay on the street I was constantly looking for him.

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Referring to what happened in mid-June, when Brian He attacked his grandfather, who broke into his house, searched for a gun and shot him, pointing out: “Physical aggression is not justified, but the day of the event wasn’t when Brian woke up wanting to attack him. A moment He goes over and reprimands him. According to Brian’s partner, he is demanding a refund.

then, Brian He went to his grandfather’s house and beat him first with a stick and then with his fists. “With the stick he never hits, he does it with his fist. The stick breaks on the ground, and he doesn’t use it.. I emphasize, not to justify it, but it has a motivation, where There is anger and there is pain.”, Yassi clarified and added: “The harassment is from a long time ago, that day was there. to us We assume it was premeditated According to the couple’s testimony, at that point the grandfather shouted at him, ‘I’m going to kill you.’

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Always according to the lawyer’s account, after the threat Domingo He went to look for the revolver and when he saw Brian kicking in the door of his property, “instead of calling the emergency services or a relative”, he shot him dead.. “His physical integrity was not at risk at that time. I had planned it in advance and I think there was an exhaustion,” he said.

“I Killed the Whip”

Yassi was briefed this week on the progress of the investigation Statements are taken from relatives, neighbors and acquaintances And this stage is over Request to change the card to “Murder Occupied by Attachment”.. In addition, he revealed that some witnesses fear the reprisals that the accused may respond to.

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“The first person to fear is the daughter, Brian’s mother. He lives across the street and the defendant has cameras all over his daughter’s house. He looked at the whole family, he is a dictatorial man,” he added: “There are already aggressions, threats among them.. I don’t have an exact date. It should be taken into account that he is an ex-serviceman and knows how to handle weapons. His attitude was so cold that he didn’t reach out to see what he had done, with total disregard for his own grandson’s life.

Along these lines, he described the phrase that Domingo allegedly uttered after killing his grandson: “The ambulance caller tells the police station that the girlfriend and her grandfather said: ‘I killed the whip'”.

Thus, he asserted, the grandfather had a premeditated desire to kill the young man. He held that on the facts there was “lack of sufficient motivation and no physical aggression, but was against property”. “Our hypothesis is that if his life was not in danger, Brian could not have entered the house. That’s why grandfather planned ahead and waited for him to come back”, he concluded.