February 2, 2023

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Supremacy Wins MC 2022: Recap, Results and Highlights of Freestyle Competition in Lima

Champion of Sooty Supremacy MC 2022

This Sunday is the seventh edition International Final Supremacy MCOne of the events Rap Wars Created in Peru The scene is very important and it celebrates national qualifiers in various countries throughout the year. Let’s remember that this competition made MCs like Mnak, Cacha, Gazir, Mecha and Bnet famous.

These underworld competitors were measured against the vibes of the freestyle elite. Sooty (Spain), Maritia (Colombia), Cassir (Spain), Theorema (Chile), Larix (Argentina), Black Cod (Venezuela), Sara Sogas (Spain), among others. Among the national people Stick, Negroes, Vijay Cash, Skill, Diego MC. In addition, it is an exhibition where we can see the expression of the Peruvian female visual Necia.

At 4:00 p.m., numerous battles began to give everyone a chance. In the final against Marithia, Sooty cemented his authority and managed to win the MC Dominion title for the second year in a row. In third place, Stig played a big role in defeating first-round favorite Kasir.

Below you can watch five hours of the event and the best moments left by the fastest players in each battle.

pan Supremacy MC is the winner of 2022

In between comes the finale Chuty y Marithea

Chatty vs. Marithia in the finale of Supremacy MC 2022

Stick Win the battle and retain the third spot of Supremacy MC 2022

Stick y Majestic Competing for third place in the competition

Stick and Majestic dispute the third spot of Supremacy MC 2022

will happen Maritya

They go to the second copy

Majestic vs. Marithia in second copy for Supremacy MC 2022

They go to a replica

Majestic vs. Marithia in replica for Supremacy MC 2022

There will be a second war Marithia vs. Majestic

Majestic vs. Meritia MC 2022

will happen pan

There will be a first battle Stick vs. Pan

stick vs. Chatty for Supremacy MC 2022

Marithia, Majestic, Sidk and Chatty will compete for the title

The semi-finals are underway

Pasa Maritiya

They go to the second copy

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They go to a replica

Necruz Vs. Marithia in replica for Supremacy MC 2022

Necruz Vs. Fourth Battle of Marithia

Necruz Vs. Meritia MC 2022

Boss Majestic

Majestic vs. Vijay Kesh’s third war

Vijay Cash Vs. Majestic War Supremacy MC 2022

Basa stick

Larix vs. Second battle of the stick

Larix vs. Stick with Supremacy MC 2022

Basa pan

Chatty vs. Black code in first quarter battle

Chatty vs. Dominance MC 2022’s Black Code

The quarter finals begin

Pasa Maritiya

The last round of the 16 battle was Sarah Sokas vs. Maritya

Sarah Chokas Vs. Meritia MC 2022

Basa Negros

The next battle is against Necruz. Ken Jingle

Necruz Vs. Ken Jingle for Supremacy MC 2022

Basa Vijay Cash

Next fight is against Vijay Cash (Peru). Sasquatch (Bolivia)

vijay cash vs. Supremacy MC of Sasquatch 2022

Boss Majestic

They go to the second copy

Theorem vs. Majestic in second copy for Supremacy MC 2022

They go to a replica

The next battle is Teorema (Chile) vs. Majestic (Mexico)

Theorem vs. Majestic For Supremacy MC 2022

Basa stick

They go to a replica

stick vs. Kasir is the answer to Supremacy MC 2022

Next battle stick vs. the viewer

stick vs. Kasir for Dominant MC 2022

Larix pass

They go to a replica

Larix vs. Ghetto in copy of Supremacy MC 2022

The next battle is Ghetto Vs. Larix

Larix vs. Supremacy MC 2022’s Ghetto

Basa black code

The next battle is against the Black Code. Lou D.

Black code vs. Supremacia MC 2022’s Lou T

Basa pan

Racco vs. Chatty to war

Chatty vs. Raxo for Supremacy MC 2022

Round 16 begins

Boss Raso

Raxo (Chile) vs. Chilean Pseudocot (Nicaragua)

Move over Sarah Tsokas

Elirik (Guatemala) vs. Sara Sogas (Spain)

Sarah Chokas Vs. Elyric dominates for 2022

Ghana Majestic

Alcoy (Argentina) vs. Majestic (Mexico)

Ghana stick

They go to a replica

Cuchi (Peru) vs. Tracer (Paraguay) in the fifth battle.

stick vs. Tracer for Supremacy MC 2022

Larix wins

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They go to a replica

Larix vs. Android on copy of Supremacy MC 2022

Larix vs. Android (Honduras) in the fourth war.

Larrix Vs Android for Supremacy MC 2022

Ghana Sasquatch (Bolivia)

Sasquathc (Bolivia) vs. Esteban (Costa Rica) in the third battle.

Sasquatch vs. Esteban for Supremacy MC 2022

Ghana Ken Jingle (Venezuela)

Ken Jingle (Venezuela) vs. Punch (Ecuador) in the Second War.

Ghana Lou d

KDT (Dominican Republic) vs. Lou de (Venezuela) is the first battle of this phase

The winners will advance to the round of 16

The sudden death cycle begins

This latest battle showcased two of Freestyle’s growing vibes. Still young, the two MCs already have a striking style and are firmly declaring themselves to be the future of the scene.

Necia (Peru) vs. Third Battle of Azuki (Mexico).

Stupid vs. Azuki for Supremacy MC 2022

Cafu (Peru) vs. Second Battle of Coloso (Colombia).

Jeol (Guatemala) vs. Argon (Paraguay) First War

Dominant MC Interplazas will have some fights

Complete the Test of Cowardice

Diego MC (Peru) vs. Raso (Chile) in the Twelfth War.

Chatty vs. Rios (El Salvador) in the eleventh battle.

Chatty vs. Prisoners for Supremacy MC 2022

Outlaw (Puerto Rico) vs. Sasquatch (Bolivia) in the Tenth War.

vijay cash vs. Larix in the Ninth War

vijay cash vs. Larrix for Supremacy MC 2022. (YouTube)

Sara Tsokas (Spain) vs. Majestic (Mexico) in eighth battle.

Necruz Vs. Kasir in the seventh battle

Necruz Vs. Kasir for Dominant MC 2022

Lou De (Venezuela) vs. Punch (Ecuador) in Sixth War.

stick vs. Maritya in the fifth battle

Leimback (Dominican Republic) vs. Toncon (Bolivia) in the Fourth War.

Capacity vs. The Third War Theorem

Nauquier (Panama) vs. Second Battle of Mixion (Chile).

The first battle between the Ghetto and the Black Code

Start the grid A cowardly test

The presenter explains what the format of the competition will be

Dominant Design MC 2022 in Lima.

Freestylers come to Esena

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Hosts Misionero and Luda take the stage. They have DJs Yaku, Rodo and Gianbeats. Cristobril (Chile). Then they announce the jurors Guery (Bolivia), Cristofebril (Chile) and Guido (Bolivia).

As usual, the Dominion has a long and somewhat convoluted shape, but they promise that what they are looking for is merit. It all started on Saturday at Casa Supremasia, where the contestants are staying. There, 18 national champions from various countries were measured, and there were eight top scorers. They will go through a stage called sudden death.

On the other hand, there is an event called the Trial of Cowardice, where 24 other contestants face each other in 12 battles on Sunday. Some of these have already been appointed. Let’s look at the following conflicts:

Larix vs. Vijay Cash

vs. necrosis. Cashier

Black Code vs. Ghetto

Maritiya vs. Stick

Theorem vs. potential

Theorem God level is part of All Stars 2vs2. Photo: Instagram

Necia (Peru) Vs. Azuki (Mexico), Geol (Guatemala) vs. Argon (Paraguay), and Cafu (Peru) vs. Colossus (Columbia).

Of the 12 Covertise Test battles, the top eight qualify directly for the Round of 16, while the next eight (9th–16th places) advance against the top eight teams that qualified in the House Supremacy Pre-Championship. They will face each other in an event known as Sudden Death. The winners complete the shortlist with 16 roosters and qualify for the Round of 16.

The famous missionary from Argentina will be animating the event and will be supported by Luda. There will be three DJs on the decks: Yaku, Rodo and Gianbeats. The jury members for this event are yet to be confirmed.

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