February 2, 2023

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Survey Elections Colombia 2022 | June 11 RCN Surveillance: Rodolfo Hernandez 47.9%, Gustavo Pedro 47.1% | Second round | June 19 | Elections 2022 | The world

A slight recovery in the June 11 measurement of presidential surveillance by GAD3, a measurement company for RCN radio and TV Compared to Colombia is due to hold a presidential election on June 19.

Candidate Historical agreement In previous measurements it was strongly accelerated in front of the former mayor of Bukharamanga, but in this On June 11 Rodolfo Hernandez recharged. However, Surveillance shows a close relationship between the two candidates.

Mira: Pedro vs Hernandez: Key areas and population for presidential election in Colombia

The presidential watchdog began reporting on May 31 Wide difference in the purpose of voting in favor of Rodolfo Hernandez 52.5 per cent have the option to vote, compared to 44.8 per cent Gustav Pedro.

This difference was closed in days until the technical equilibrium 46 to 47 percent between the two candidates. On June 7, Gustavo Pedro Rodolfo took a slight lead over Hernandez.

Mira: How the dirty war unfolds in the final stages of the presidential election campaign in Colombia

In which The measure of June 11 was Rodolfo Hernandez, who cut the ground again and turned slightly upwards.. However, as with most recent Guarumo and Invamer polls, the balance remains the same, so a vote is predicted with a small difference between the winner and loser of the second presidential round.

By region, Rodolfo Hernandez leads in Antioch, the Middle East, the Middle South and the Los Lanos region; In the Caribbean and Pacific regions of Bogot, Gustavo Pedro achieved the goal of a higher vote.

Technical Paper on Presidential Monitoring of GD3 for RCN

The law firm that implemented it: GAD3 Columbia SAS

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The law firm that relies on it: RCN TV S.A.

Source of funding: RCN TV S.A.

Sample type And the process used to select sample units: random selection of interviewers with daily compliance based on gender and age and geographical allocation. Proportional allocation across the country. (See table for geographical distribution of the sample).

Sample size: Total according to the following waves: 4,836: 30/31-May: 1,200; June-1: 556; June-2: 553; June 3: 531, June 4: 400, June 6: 401, June 7: 400, June 8: 397 and June 9: 398.

Specific questions are asked: 14 (Complete form with complete answers attached)

Inquired characters: Presidential candidates for the second round Colombia 2022: Gustavo Pedro and Rodolfo Hernandez.

Area (Geographical Universe and Demographic Universe): National purpose. Residents of Colombia with the right to vote.

Technique used for sample selection: Computer Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI) for Cell Phones in Colombia.

Date of collection: May 30 to June 10, 2022, i

Error limit: அளவு 1.4% (n = 4,836) The magnitude of the confidence is 95.5% (two sigma) and the most unfavorable hypothesis = 0.5 on the assumption of a simple random sample.

The statistician who designed the research: Dr.