May 30, 2023

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Sysmate: MTC sends messages to cell phones this Friday to test the early warning system for disasters | NMR | Lime

Ministry of Transport and Communications () Announced that it would conduct a nationwide test on Friday, May 6th. Early Warning Message System (SISMAT). It is estimated that 22.5 million people will receive messages on their mobile phones.

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Via The MTC Explained how the process is carried out and its benefits. Details below:

What is Sysmate?

It is a technological tool that allows cell phone holders to send alert messages (text, sound, screen light and vibration) through the networks of operating companies.

Who will receive the Sysmate alert?

Citizens with active mobile lineCell Broadcast functionality and it will be within the coverage of the four network operators.

The start of the test is scheduled for 11:00 am, during which time there will be a warning that will briefly interrupt all actions taken on the mobile device.

The MTC Noted that these are warnings from Sysmate In the future, try to warn or confirm the risk of a natural disaster Tsunami, floods, landslidesLandslides and other occurrences in different parts of the country.

How does Sysmate work?

Only pre-warning messages will be sent National Institute of Civil Defense (INDC) Probability of disaster or confirmation of it.

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In this Friday’s test, This news will be spread across the countryBut this function is 100% when focusing on the geographical areas where an extraordinary phenomenon occurs.

The message will have vibrational and continuous sound propertiesIt is very different from a text message (SMS) which violates other cell phone functions.

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This announcement will allow citizens to keep themselves in a safe place. To do this, cell broadcast technology will be used, similar to early warning systems in Chile, Canada and the United States.