May 30, 2023

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Taiwan: China warns it will not tolerate separatists and will retake island by force if necessary

China He said there would be no tolerance for “separatist activities”. TaiwanAccording to a white paper released Wednesday, he insisted he would retake the island by force if necessary.

” question Taiwan and reunion China In a New Era”, White Paper issued by the Foreign Office Taiwan China’s Council of State defines how Beijing wants to seize the island through economic incentives and military pressure.

“We are ready to create a wider space for peaceful reintegration, but will not tolerate separatist activities in any form,” the White Paper said.

Beijing’s warning came after days of Chinese military exercises TaiwanIt was made in response to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei.

The lawmaker became the highest-ranking official on a US visit last week Taiwan Over the decades, despite the threat of retaliation ChinaIt seeks to insulate Taipei from the world stage.

“We will act with utmost sincerity and do everything possible to achieve peaceful reintegration. But we will not abandon the use of force, and we reserve the option to take all necessary measures,” the document highlighted.

“This is to protect us from external interference and all separatist activities. It is in no way aimed at our Chinese compatriots. Taiwan. Force should be used as a last resort in exigent circumstances.”

Last time China published a white paper on Taiwan That was in 2000.

The new document was released on the same day as a trip by a senior Taiwanese opposition leader China Despite being asked to cancel a trip to Taipei to meet Taiwanese businessmen.

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Andrew Hsia, vice chairman of the pro-Beijing Kuomintang Party, made the visit personally and was not in the capital.

But Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen strongly criticized him for crossing the strait Taiwan In those moments China Do maneuvers around the island.

Since the 1990s, the island has grown from an autocracy to a vibrant democracy, and a distinctly Taiwanese identity has emerged.

Relations between the two sides have deteriorated since 2016, when current President Tsai, who was not considered by the Democratic Progressive Party, came to power. Taiwan As a part of China.

Fits the definition of what your platform is China Taiwan qualifies as separatist.

Fear of invasion

The Chinese White Paper is promising Taiwan “Greater security and dignity” after economic prosperity and “reunification”.

But the offer was announced after a massive military exercise China Performed around the island including a rehearsal of the siege.

These maneuvers raised fears that the Chinese Communist authorities were preparing for an invasion.

The drills were expected to end on Sunday, but continued this week, with no confirmation as to when they would end.

The People’s Liberation Army (EPL) on Wednesday released details of the exercises carried out the previous day Taiwan.

The PLA Eastern Command said Tuesday’s drills focused on maintaining air dominance, releasing videos and photos of fighter jets taking off and performing maneuvers such as mid-flight refueling from a tanker aircraft.

The armed forces later said it had “successfully completed several missions”, without specifying whether it would carry out more exercises.

“The troops in (the east) will monitor changes in the situation in the strait.” TaiwanThey will continue to conduct military exercises and be war-ready,” the EPL added.

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Taiwan Accuses China To use Pelosi’s visit as an excuse to rehearse an invasion.

The island has held its own military drills to counter an attack on the island, and on Wednesday released images of its air, ground and sea forces responding to Chinese maneuvers.

The Taiwan drills prompted another warning on Tuesday China.

“Any plot to oppose reunification by arms … will end in failure like trying to stop a mantis toad,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said.

(With information from AFP)

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